Apple now offers onsite iPhone repairs

Apple is launching onsite iPhone repairs for some customers.

For the longest time, a broken iPhone meant a mandatory trip to the nearest (or not so nearest) Apple store to have it repaired or to get a new one. Although plenty of companies are able to come to your home or work to do the repair, they aren’t covered under a typical Apple warranty. That policy often left users frustrated as they had to go out of their way to have their phone fixed at an authorized location.

Apple has heard those complaints and is doing something about it. The company will soon begin offering onsite iPhone repairs to customers in select cities through its Authorized Service Provider Go Tech Services. It will be extremely convenient for iPhone owners who don’t feel like making the trek to an Apple store to fix a broken screen.

Repairs Come to You

Until now, searching Apple’s repair portal for an onsite repair option hasn’t yielded any results. Thanks to the new offering, that’s no longer the case. For some minor repairs, including cracked screens and display issues, iPhone owners will be able to request an onsite repair. This could be at their home, workplace, or even a hotel on vacation.

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Sadly, larger issues won’t be covered by the onsite repair service. Customers with problems like water damage and software bugs will still need to visit the Apple store.

For those with minor issues, however, onsite repair is a feature that’s been awaited for years. It will first debut in larger cities like Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

However, the convenience of a repair that comes to you won’t be free. Apple notes that an extra “onsite visit fee may be charged in addition to the provider’s standard repair cost.”

It isn’t clear exactly how much that additional charge will set customers back. However, the total repair price is likely to remain on par with what Apple normally charges.

Convenient Monopoly

For iPhone owners, succumbing to Apple’s monopoly is part of the game. It is far more expensive to have an iPhone repaired than an Android because of the web of red tape. However, at least customers will now be able to pay for their repairs in the comfort of their own home.

As the program rolls out, it remains unclear which devices are eligible for onsite services. Browsing through Apple’s support site shows that several repair options are available for iPhones. However, no onsite options are currently showing up for devices like iMacs.

Should the program find success, it’s likely that Apple will expand it to include more or all of its devices. That strategy actually makes a lot of sense. If users are able to conveniently get their phone repaired they may be more likely to have it done by Apple instead of seeking a cheaper, third-party option.

In the meantime, a cracked iPhone screen is no longer a sentence for a trip to the Apple store. Now, it’s just an excuse to make some popcorn and binge a Netflix show while the repair tech fixes your phone in the living room.


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