Report: Apple will not include EarPods, charger with iPhone 12

Apple records 1 percent revenue growth in FQ2 despite COVID-19 impact.
Image: YouTube | Apple

Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo stated the iPhone 12 would not ship with EarPods or charger, MacRumors reported this weekend. The expert claims the corporation made the decision for both economic and environmental reasons.

Analysts from Barclays issued an investors’ note backing Kuo’s assertions regarding the next iteration of the world’s most popular mobile device.

Why the iPhone 12 Will Not Feature Standard Accessories

Kuo explained Apple is doing away with its standard iPhone accessories pack for two reasons.

One, the corporation is trying to save costs because of the higher than usual price of the handset’s 5G chips. Livemint reported Qualcomm and MediaTek’s fifth-generation mobile network parts cost $60-$80 more than 4G chipsets. Two, the company wants to reaffirm its environmentally conscious bona fides by shipping devices with lower freight costs.

Kuo also wrote that Apple would discontinue packing power adapters with its iPhone SEs starting later this year.

Despite the changes it is enacting, Apple will still make chargers for its new smartphone. The market analyst said the Big Tech firm would offer 20W adapters as a stand-alone product while ending production on its 5W and 12W power products. At present, the corporation does not sell a 20W charger, but its 18W unit sells for $29.

Barclays’ iPhone 12 Insights

Days before the details of Kuo’s note went public, Barclays put out its own report regarding the highly anticipated handset. The English financial institution believes Apple will not ship headphones or chargers with the iPhone 12 based on discussions with the conglomerate’s suppliers. However, the organization noted the electronics maker will still include a Lightning-to-USB-C cable with its new flagship.

Barclays also states Apple will initiate a staggered launch of its new smartphones. The corporation will reportedly make some version of its 5G-enabled devices available in September and launch other models in October or November. In April, the Wall Street Journal noted the company had encountered production problems as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The bank’s analysts also confirmed rumors the iPhone 12 will include lidar components to facilitate augmented reality features. The organization expects the Cupertino, California-based manufacturer will introduce a new iteration of its wireless AirPods early next year.

Although Kuo and Barclays have proven track records regarding their Apple coverage, the corporation has not publicly confirmed their reporting.

Will a Lack of Accessories Hurt iPhone 12 Sales?

Earlier this month, IDC predicted global smartphone sales would be down 11.9 percent year-over-year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The organization believes economic contractions caused by the worldwide health crisis will significantly diminish consumer interest in purchasing new phones. That said, Apple’s next-generation mobile device will likely become a bestseller, even without standard accessories.

Last year, the corporation’s iPhone XR ranked as 2019’s most purchased handset, despite strong competition from Samsung and Huawei.

The XR’s successor, the iPhone 11, moved enough units to represent one-third of the U.S. market in Q1. Two months ago, Apple CFO Luca Maestri said the firm’s new budget phone, the iPhone SE, had received an “outstanding customer response” even with the pandemic’s deleterious effect on the marketplace.

Given Apple’s customers’ unparalleled brand loyalty, they will probably make the company’s new device a hit, even without basic add-ons. Moreover, it would not be surprising if other smartphone brands followed its money-saving lead with their forthcoming product launches.


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