Amazon’s Echo Buds now double as fitness trackers

Amazon's Echo Buds now have fitness tracking features
Image: Amazon

True wireless earbuds are exceedingly popular thanks to the Apple AirPods. However, there are plenty of other brands on the market that are worth considering. Amazon’s Echo Buds are one of them.

Along with native Alexa integration, the wireless earbuds have a suite of new fitness tracking features. The buds monitor things like step count, average pace, distance, and time to help users stay in sync with their workout.

The feature has been rumored for a long time but is finally arriving. Users can expect to see the update for their Echo Buds in the coming days.

Corporate Fitness

These days, it seems like every device has a fitness tracking mode. From smartwatches to VR headsets, all of our technology wants to help us stay in shape. Fortunately for the Echo Buds, the new feature actually makes sense.

True wireless earbuds are the perfect companion for exercise since users don’t have to worry about getting tangled in wires or wearing a bulky pair of headphones.

Turning on the Echo Buds’ fitness features couldn’t be easier. To do so, users simply say, “Alexa, start my workout.” Upon hearing that phrase, the digital assistant will start tracking data about their activity. During a workout, users can ask Alexa to tell them stats like pace, calories burned, and time.

After prompting Alexa to end the workout, data from the session is synced with the Alexa smartphone app. Users can view their fitness data and track their progress over time.

Outworking the Competition

As a pair of headphones, the Echo Buds are already a solid piece of tech. They might not have the audio quality of a more expensive pair of earbuds, but they are good enough for most people. By adding fitness tracking features, Amazon ensures that is the case.

The Echo Buds are competitively priced. At the time of this writing, they cost just $80. That’s a $50 discount off their regular price of $130 due to the holiday shopping season. Even at regular price they are still cheaper than a pair of AirPods, which cost a hefty $159 for the base model. The wireless charging model is even more at $199 while the AirPods Pro cost $249.

For consumers that don’t want to break the bank, Amazon’s Echo Buds are a perfect solution. The new fitness tracking features are simply icing on the cake.

Of course, the Echo Buds aren’t Amazon’s only foray into the fitness tracking world. The company released Halo earlier this year. The sleek fitness band is designed to track movement as well as analyze metrics like body composition and body fat percentage. It is also the entry hardware for a monthly subscription service that Amazon offers.

While the Echo Buds don’t require a subscription for their fitness tracking features, they do signal that Amazon is getting serious about the workout space. That could be problematic for smaller companies that could be easily edged out by the e-commerce giant.


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