Alibaba brings the convenience of online shopping to physical stores with FashionAI

FashionAI store from Alibaba brings new shopping experience to fahionistas

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the smartest of them all? The answer might just be Alibaba after their recent debut of FashionAI. The new system blends together the convenience of online shopping with the “try before you buy” aspect of buying clothes in a retail store.

Highlighting yet another of Artificial Intelligence’s many practical applications, this pop-up shop puts the power of processing on display. In today’s age of technology, AI isn’t just for tech nerds anymore; it is for everyone. FashionAI emphasizes this point by giving fashionistas a taste of convenience by making shopping more personal and more efficient.

Smart Mirrors, Smart Shopping

The heart of FashionAI’s system is the smart mirrors located on the sales floor and in changing rooms. Outfitted with touch screens, they relay information from intelligent RFID tags on each product to the consumer. Information about the item is displayed along with suggestions for other items to pair with it and where these are located in the store.

Meanwhile, if a customer is happy with the item they pick up, a tap of the screen adds it to their virtual basket. This information is then sent to staff who place the items in a fitting room so that they are ready for the customer to try on.

The AI system is able to detect and process helpful information from the items in the store such as its color and size. The sensors can also determine whether the item is being held, touched, moved, or picked up.

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Improved Customer Experience and Product Design

Though it is a neat experiment, the Alibaba FashionAI concept store is more than just a publicity stunt. It is a new way to give customers a better experience in the store while seamlessly providing valuable data to companies behind the products.

In a recent study from Boomtown, 44 percent of consumers say that they would visit a brand more frequently if they have a positive experience with advanced technology in-store. With a brilliant system like FashionAI, users will likely flock back to stores that make use of similar tech.

As users interact with the system, retailers also benefit. By gathering highly-specific data, the AI enables companies to track and adjust to trends faster than ever. They can then increase traffic and sales by producing and offering the hottest styles that customers want.

AI is finally starting to branch out of its infancy. As consumers see more real-world application of this incredible technology, there is no limit to where it will go next.