7 new trends in car tech

7 new tech trends in cars

Technology is advancing at an accelerating pace. With so much to keep track of, it’s easy to feel like you might get left behind. If you’re wondering what new gadgets and gizmos to look out for in the newest models, check out this list of seven awesome new trends in cars’ onboard tech.

Driver assistance

One trend that is making huge waves in the automotive industry is the addition of driver assistance technologies to newer model cars. It only makes sense. Tends of thousands of people are injured or killed in car accidents every year, and the vast majority of those accidents are due to human error.

Minimizing human error is a must if we want to make the cars of the future as safe as they possibly can be. Many newer models come equipped with back-up sensors that will alert the driver if they are nearing an obstacle, automatic brakes that can stop a front-end collision from happening, and even technology to help drivers get into those tight parallel spots.

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Internet connectivity

The Internet of Things is fast approaching—this is the process where slowly many of the devices and even every-day appliances in your house will be connected to the internet. Your dishwasher and toaster may eventually send and receive data to improve performance, customize preferences, and keep manufacturers updated.

Your car will work the same way! By maintaining internet connectivity, you’ll have access to many of the features you look to your phone for, all in your dashboard. Directions, music, and more may be part of your car’s readout. It can also be helpful for safety, which brings us to our next tech trend.

Online purchasing options

It used to be that if you wanted a new or used car, you’d have to march onto the lot and chat with a salesperson. These days, however, online car-buying is growing in popularity. Many services now allow you to simply log on their websites, browse for a favorite vehicle, select a financing option, and have your car delivered straight to your door! It’s especially popular for nicer, more luxury rides. Don’t worry, though. If you’re not comfortable buying a car the way you buy a pair of pants online, you can still shop used cars in a traditional dealership setting.

Big data boosted cars

One of the many benefits of internet-connected cars is that they can transmit data in real-time, and that data can be used to improve safety for drivers. By helping drivers maintain safer driving patterns using millions of cars’ worth of user-generated information, the cars of the future may prevent thousands of accidents.

Plus, with all that data, information on routes, driving conditions, traffic and more will be available to your car. Big data will certainly transform the way that your commute looks in the coming years, especially as more features of your ride become automated!

EV cars are the wave of the future

More electric and hybrid vehicles

With the climate rapidly and destructively changing, and the fossil fuel industry bearing most of the responsibility for it, it’s understandable that auto manufacturers would try to do their part to minimize their carbon footprint.

Car makers like General Motors will soon start unveiling many more electric and hybrid options as parts of their lineups, as consumers demand more and more eco-friendly options. Be sure that you’re on the look-out for the newest electric or hybrid model that suits your preferences!

Ridesharing revolution

With ridesharing giants like Uber and Lyft changing the way that commuters get around town, you can clearly see how the advent of the app-based ride-hailing app is changing the face of the automobile industry. In the future, it might be that fewer people actually own their own car. Fleets of ridesharing-app based cars might take commuters around town. Services like vanpools or privately-run busses might also start to take over the market, reducing the need for a personal car even further.
Automated cars will be here sooner than we think.


Of course, the elephant in the room during any discussion of car trends is the ever-looming possibility that soon, cars will be automated. With AI increasing in its abilities every year, the day when self-driving taxis and busses take people around town are fast-approaching. Don’t be too surprised if in 10 years, seeing a car whizzing along the highway with no one at the driver’s seat is totally common!

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