Urban is expanding its on-demand wellness services


After providing osteopathy, massage, facial, and nail treatments for customers located across Paris and the U.K., the on-demand wellness startup, Urban, is adding physiotherapy treatment to its growing list of services.

This comes as another sign of rapid expansion from the company. Urban has raised over $24 million dollars to date. More than $10 million of that comes from Series B funding acquired earlier this year to help expand its services.

It also acts as another prime example of how there’s increasingly positive attention being given toward the on-demand wellness industry.

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The Story Behind Urban

Urban’s two founders, Jack Tang and Giles Williams, someday hope to evolve their platform into a “one-stop-shop” for physical wellbeing.

Originally, their London-based startup was founded in 2014 as a solution for the massage-at-home industry. Then, the two had grown frustrated with the poor and expensive methods that practitioners and customers were forced to deal with.

They found that masseuses typically experienced long hours and little revenue when working for booking services. At the same time, customers had no good way to vet the practitioners they wanted. So, the two set out to develop a platform that gives on-demand massage customers and providers better ways to engage.

Today, users can access Urban through either the web or its mobile application. There they can easily browse the profiles, ratings, and reviews of qualified and approved practitioners. As for masseuses, according to the startup’s website, practitioners on the platform walk away with 72 percent of their booking earnings—as opposed to the average of 20 percent seen with general on-demand services.

Of course, Urban’s services now stretch beyond massages alone. The startup continues to seek out new on-demand wellness treatments to offer.

On-Demand Wellness Solutions are Booming

From the way Mahmee provides instant post-partum support to DispatchHealth’s delivery of prescription medicines to patients at a moment’s notice, many more on-demand wellness startups are blossoming.

According to a national poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, consumers are beginning to appreciate on-demand healthcare over traditional practitioners. For instance, 45 percent of people in the U.S. between ages 18 and 29 don’t have a primary medical care provider and are opting for on-demand alternatives instead.

Of course, some uncertainty does exist over whether the nature of certain wellness startups is viable in the long-term. For now, though, there’s no doubt that on-demand healthcare is on the rise and consumers seem happier for it.