Uptime raises $16M for its ‘knowledge-hacking’ learning app

Uptime has raised $16 million for its short-form learning app.

In today’s world, it feels impossible to learn everything that you want to. Although there are countless platforms that offer to teach you everything from coding to art history, there simply isn’t enough time to consume all the content.

That’s where Uptime comes in. The “knowledge-hacking” app launched for iOS in January and gives users a way to get key summaries from books, documentaries, and classes in as little as five minutes. Now, Uptime has raised $16 million in seed funding to further its mission, TechCrunch reports.


Regardless of what subjects you’re interested in, there is a wealth of educational content available to consume. Tech-forward platforms like Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy make it possible to access this content anywhere at any time.

However, as noted, accessibility isn’t always the issue. With the busy lives that many of us lead, there isn’t enough time in the day to sit down and take a class on something you find interesting.

Uptime’s approach is all about “micro-learning,” which entails giving users engaging, actionable information in short bursts. Each Uptime presentation is about five-minutes long and comes in the story format that has been popularized by social media.

The app aims to help users “grasp ideas and insights from trusted authors, instructors, and creative minds.”

At the end of each lesson, users have the option to buy the full book, course, or documentary that served as source material. This gives authors and creators a new way to reach audiences, TechCrunch notes.

The app is certainly geared towards younger individuals given its short-form approach. However, it can be beneficial for anyone who wants to invest in their learning without spending too much time on it.

Uptime says, “Hacks are presented in a unique visual story format, designed to be inspirational and make learning effective, fun, engaging, and shareable—all verified by a team of experts.”

EdTech Boom

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reshaped how people learn. By forcing institutions to adopt remote learning and asynchronous classes, people have had a chance to see the promise of these modalities.

Now, the global EdTech market is booming. Uptime co-founder Patrick Walker says, “The global EdTech market was valued at around $89 billion last year, with people spending hundreds of dollars on online courses, building up their soft skills, and watching documentaries.”

“It’s a huge opportunity for educational content creators but for customers, it leads to information overload and it can be hard to cut through and find the quality in what feels like an oversaturated market.”

Indeed, that is a serious problem for the EdTech industry. Innovative platforms like Uptime can help streamline the process of finding new content. After all, if you don’t like a five-minute lesson, you haven’t lost anything. Investing $50 in a 12-hour online course to find that you don’t like it is far more painful.

Uptime’s new seed funding will help it continue to expand and curate new content for its users. It’s worth noting that the money primarily comes from the startup’s investors, according to TechCrunch.


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