TechCrunch Disrupt 2020: U offers financial and online learning opportunities in post-pandemic era

Disrupt 2020: U offers financial and online learning opportunities in the post-pandemic era
Image: U, Inc.

Since its outbreak, the coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating economic impact on the entire world. Millions of workers have been laid off, and their career prospects have become uncertain. However, U, Inc., a new startup appearing at TechCrunch’s Disrupt 2020 event, offers an online learning platform that provides users with financial opportunities and educational resources.

How U’s Online Learning Platform Works

U, a Koder, Inc. spin-off, gives people the ability to make money and expand their skill set.

People can join the service as instructors and share their expertise with knowledge seekers from around the world. The platform allows users to host live, on-demand, and pre-recorded classes via Zoom focusing on the subjects they know best. U also gives instructors the ability to engage participants in real-time thanks to its live chat capabilities.

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In addition, the platform lets users set their pricing and does not claim any ownership of their educational content. Experts can focus on sharing their know-how on beauty, fitness, and web design while the startup manages billing and payouts.

U is also a font of knowledge for people looking to expand their range of understanding or prepare for a new career. Its easy to use interface lets participants attend classes on subjects of interest and interact with skilled instructors. The platform’s format is also ideal for those whose schedules are not conducive to traditional education methods.

Addressing Pandemic Problems with Technological Solutions

One of U’s standout attributes is its capacity to address problems created by the pandemic with technological solutions.

Right now, many people are taking minimal experience required jobs to bolster or replace their regular income. However, the big problem with doing so is that it causes people to interact with others during a pandemic.

Consequently, workers are putting themselves at risk for contracting a serious illness with potential long-term effects.

However, U enables people to earn money without having to leave the house. The platform also gives instructors the flexibility of an on-demand job without the health risks. Because it lets users set their course pricing, it could become an important source of income.

As for learners? U lets participants learn skills that they can use to flesh out their résumés and potentially expand their career options.

Unfortunately, the pandemic inflicted significant financial harm on small businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. With coronavirus self-quarantine restrictions still in place throughout many regions, those companies will not return to full operation for some time. However, U gives waiters, baristas, and barbacks the change to learn more about things like coding.

As the health crisis has prompted a spike in the usage of digital services, data science skills are increasingly in demand. Investing time and money in a few U courses could be the pathway to a better, more economically secure future.

U is currently invite-only, but the startup is launching general availability later this year.


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