Saving money when sending consumers goods as a startup


Saving money when sending parcels abroad may seem like an impossible task, but as a business, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the cost per parcel regardless of the item you are sending even when using a parcel comparison website. In this article, we will be looking into some of the ways that you can save yourself money in the long term.

Be Efficient with your Packaging

When packaging an item to send it abroad it is important to be as efficient as possible. A number of shipping companies calculate the cost based on size and weight. Therefore, keeping the box to a respectable size and using lighter packaging such as air pockets and packing peanuts will help to reduce the weight of packages and allow you to ship them for significantly cheaper than you would with a parcel that is heavier.

Buy Materials in Bulk

Packaging materials are another expense that can be costly to a startup, particularly if you need a vast quantity. However, ordering materials in bulk such as bubble wrap, boxes, and inner packaging can help to reduce costs as they can be stored until they are needed. This is great for a startup with very limited orders as this provides you with enough packaging materials to cater to the growth of your company. Additionally, these boxes and bubble wrap can also be used should you decide to move to another office and then be reused further down the road for maximum efficiency.

Keep the Weight to a Minimum

Though packaging materials is important, it is also crucial to think about the weight of the items that you are sending. Though it may not seem like much with just a few individual parcels, a collection of parcels can soon lead to a huge amount of weight. By keeping the weight of each parcel as minimal as possible, this can help to reduce the costs and ensure that your items can be shipped easily. In addition to this, weighing the packages before shipping and receiving a quote will also help you to save money as you can budget accordingly.

Send Items in Bulk

The final way that you can reduce the costs when shipping items overseas is to send items in bulk using a pallet delivery. Though this may seem like the more expensive option to start with, this can save you money in the long term as some shopping companies offer promotions for those sending items in bulk. Though this will require some planning with the shipping company as well as the relevant documentation, this can help to make your delivery success and ensure that the parcels are sent to the relevant locations regardless of where in the world you are delivering to.

Whether you are offering international shipments as a bid to boost the reputation of your business or you are a company looking to open an office abroad, there are a number of ways that you can send packages internationally without spending a small fortune.


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