San Francisco-based Pubinno uses AI to put a perfect head on beer


A startup out of San Francisco has perfected the foam topping garnish for beer, among other things. Pubinno uses artificial intelligence-enabled taps to optimize many aspects of the beer serving experience. From controlling liquid flow to maintaining ideal temperatures, Pubinno’s got it down. 

The startup claims to be “the future of draft beer,” as it designs and manufactures disruptive, high-tech products for today’s pubs. Although Pubinno still has an office and strong presence in Turkey, the company recently relocated to San Francisco to take its operations to the next level. 

Pubinno has many reasons to be optimistic as stakeholders in the broader beer sector look for ways to innovate and reverse a downward trend in consumption. Despite the recent slump, there is still lots of beer drinking happening all over the world. 

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Changing the Pub Game

Pubinno develops both hardware and software to help pubs take beer service to the next level. The startup’s taps use AI to optimize beer conditions by maintaining steady liquid flow, reduce waste, and keeping the beer at the perfect temperature. 

Pubinno’s taps consist of 160 individual pieces. Approximately 50 suppliers, primarily in China and Switzerland, provide all of the necessary parts for a single unit. The Turkish manufacturer Karel Electronik Sanayi assembles the parts. 

In its native country, Pubinno serves pubs through the biggest brand owner in Turkey, Anadolu Efes. Additionally, Pubinno’s Turkish headquarters reportedly look more like a bar than an office. Bars, stools, and coolers of beer sit all over the building, which helps put employees in the minds of their patrons.

Pubinno Expanding Rapidly

Pubinno has grown quickly in its short existence. The company was founded in Istanbul in 2015. Already, Pubinno has installed more than 2,000 next-gen taps in Cyprus, Israel, Mexico, and Spain. 

Next up, Pubinno has its sights set on the U.K. and the Czech Republic. Both countries boast some of the highest beer consumption and keg penetration rates in the world. According to data from Jefferies Financial Group and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, over 40 percent of beer served in the U.K. comes from kegs. In the Czech Republic, 38 percent of beer is served out of kegs.

After its most recent funding round, the Pubinno team is expecting to hit a $30 million valuation. However, this is a far cry from the ultimate stretch goal. Pubinno aims to achieve unicorn status ($1 billion valuation) and increase its tap distribution 50 fold by 2023. 

Co-founder Can Algul hinted at the buzz his brainchild is getting. “We are in talks with investors from Turkey, Israel and the U.S. We want to complete the round by the end of the second quarter.” Currently, Pubinno’s investor group owns 30 percent of the startup. Notable investors include Nevzat Aydin from and Rolf Schroemgens, co-founder of Trivago GmbH.

A Strong Start for Tech Gadgets of the 2020s

Pubinno’s technology fits perfectly into the after-buzz of this year’s CES event in Las Vegas. Startups and tech giants put on quite a show for attendees, teasing how much our lives will change in the coming decade. 

From smart potatoes to tennis-ball shaped personal assistants, there is no shortage of exciting technology on the horizon. Our society is growing increasingly efficient and productive. At the same time, technology is becoming more complex and raising new questions around ethical research and applications.

Fortunately, Pubinno has it easy. Serve more beer better. Simple.


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