MyMilk Labs presents Mylee breastmilk testing device

Mylee is a handheld device that tests breastmilk composition for new mothers.

New mothers, and those who are still expecting, often experience a lot of uncertainty when it comes to breastfeeding.

It’s not as if their concerns are unfounded either. The nutritional value that breast milk gives newborns has a profound effect on their early health and development. As such, it’s important that infants are supplied with nourishing milk.

However, for a lot of mothers in the world today, there’s no easy way to analyze their breast milk’s quality. Thankfully, pre-orders for Mylee, a gadget that analyzes breast milk samples from MyMilk Labs, were just announced at TechCrunch Disrupt 2019. The device promises to provide some certainty and peace of mind for nursing mothers.

Presenting Mylee

Based out of Israel, this all-female 2014 startup was invited as a wildcard presenter in TechCrunch’s battlefield event. Later that same day, MyMilk Labs also had the opportunity to speak on the conference’s main stage.

There, co-founder Sharon Haramati talked about her company’s goal of helping mothers “be proactive about their breastfeeding success,” and showcased how its Mylee product works. It’s designed to improve breastfeeding with direct breast milk sensing and puts testing capabilities in the hands of home consumers.

The device works by sensing the chemical properties of a small milk sample and only requires a few drops. It then transmits its readings to Mylee’s smartphone app. The app then compares the sample with data previously gathered from MyMilk Labs to analyze the development stage of breast milk as it transitions from the colostrum that’s made in the first weeks after birth to the mature milk that’s eventually produced.

Additionally, the app monitors breastfeeding over time, provides personal insights, tips, suggested tasks, and more. For professional advice, it allows users to connect directly with lactation consultants. Lastly, the app offers access to a community of mothers who can share support and advice with one another.

Hitting Shelves Soon

Early versions of Mylee have already been in beta testing for a while now.

To date, they have been used by lactation consultants to scan milk samples from over 500 mothers. Though, it’s the device’s recent launch that will show how well people take to the testing opportunities that it provides.

Notably, MyMilk Labs already sells send-in breast milk testing kits to mothers that analyze everything from vitamin levels to the caloric value and fat percentage of the milk that they’re producing. The mail-in tests also look for the presence of bacterial and fungal infections that commonly afflict pregnant mothers. Judging from these tests’ success alone, there’s evidently a consumer demand for the product’s testing capabilities.

As of now, Mylee is available for pre-order at a reduced price of $249. After launch, the price will raise to $349 for the handheld device.