MWC 2019 Los Angeles focuses this year on IoT and 5G

MWC 2019 will usher in the 5G era and provide plenty of opportunities for those in the tech world.
Image: Mobile World Congress

Standing among the ranks of premier technology conferences like TechCrunch Disrupt, INBOUND, and RISE, MWC Los Angeles 2019 is a prime place for tech enthusiasts, investors, leading companies, and startups to flourish alongside one another.

Hosted in Los Angeles this week at the LA Convention Center between October 22–24, the event’s third annual gathering is themed after the idea of “Intelligent Connectivity” to welcome the globe’s incoming wave of 5G innovations.

This year’s event will feature industry experts and speakers in mobile technology, connectivity, the internet-of-things, artificial intelligence, Big Data, and more. Whether attending to learn from industry leaders, seeking new partnerships and investment opportunities, or gaining press exposure for your startup’s latest breakthroughs, MWC 2019 is the place to do it all.

Benefits of Visiting MWC 2019 Los Angeles

Tech conferences of this nature are the best places to learn about the latest innovations emerging in a field.

Countless people will attend to see the latest exhibitions from startups, learn from thriving organizations, and see cutting-edge technology that’s on the cusp from some of the biggest companies in the sector. The keynote speakers presenting on the MWC stage include Sprint’s CEO Michel Combes, chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai, Boingo CEO Mike Finley, Nokia’s President of customer operations in the Americas, Ricky Corker, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, and many more.

Aside from lectures on today’s changing technologies, participating businesses are also subject to a range of growth opportunities. These mainly come in the form of peer-to-peer interactions. Many MWC attendees come with the intention of meeting new clients and partners. Not to mention, they hope to discover varying methods that their peers apply to drive positive change throughout their organizations. With roughly 22,000 people expected to show up from around the world, the networking potential promises to be huge.

MWC Los Angeles will also receive ample press coverage that provides startups with valuable exposure. A spotlight feature could be just the thing a startup needs to gain the attention and momentum it’s looking for.

How to Attend MWC 2019 Los Angeles

Though it begins today, registration for MWC 2019 Los Angeles is still open.

Tickets can be purchased here, with three separate visitor pass options available that cost $300, $1,200 and $1,800 respectively. The more expensive selections come with access to exclusive networking opportunities, 5G and mobile economy reports, and other benefits.

For information on the venue, times for the three-day conference, and other helpful details check out MWC’s website.