Meet Mahmee, the postpartum support network for moms


After supplying postpartum support to new mothers for years, the LA-based startup, Mahmee, recently received $3 million in investments from tennis superstar, Serena Williams, and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban.

As a mother to a 22-month-old, with her own life-threatening delivery experience, Williams’ support is bringing the service ample attention. Still, many people are woefully unaware of how poor postpartum support is for many new parents.

It’s estimated that 1-in-9 U.S. women experience some symptoms of postpartum depression after childbirth. Not to mention, depending on where you’re located in the U.S., those rates can reach as high as 1-in-5 mothers.

While these mothers could undoubtedly use medical and psychological support, most remain neglected, highlighting the incredible value of this app.

What Mahmee is About

Mahmee was originally founded by a mother and daughter team in 2014 to provide data-driven health care to new moms. In 2016, they began serving patients, and have continued making strides toward stronger maternal and infant care across the U.S.

The company believes the current standard of the nation’s healthcare for new mothers is unacceptably low, and for good reason. There are plenty of stats to back up their concerns, with childbirth mortality rates rising across most states. Meanwhile, California and most of Western Europe are achieving declining mortality rates, showing that something can and should be done.

Mahmee co-founder, Melissa Hanna, blames these regional differences on the fragmented nature of the information that mothers need to succeed. It’s this problem that inspires the comprehensive info network—and ever-growing community of mothers and medical professionals—the app offers.

How Mahmee Works

While there are other services and applications designed to provide digital motherhood resources, like Postpartum Support International, Mahmee is unique. Most notably, it is the only one that incorporates medical professionals into their healthcare services. For instance, over 1,000 medical providers contribute to Mahmee’s network, and with their recent $3 million in funding, that number will grow.

When using the app itself, users choose between a free version and memberships that range between $20 and $200 monthly. Paid members gain access to the app’s basic health monitoring, enhanced messaging features, motherhood classes, and live one-on-one maternity coaching. Additionally, the app connects with user medical providers and will alert mothers if they suspect health issues are present.

Meaning, all-in-all Mahmee combines modern health information, a community of collaborative mothers, and direct access to obstetricians, nurses, nutritionists, lactation consultants, therapists, and a range of other medical professionals who contribute to maternity care.

For some, this level of support could be the difference between a healthy pregnancy and an impending tragedy. Even when complications aren’t present, Mahmee offers new moms something that they often desperately need—confidence and peace of mind.