Inference Solutions to provide Pizza Hut Australia with chatbots


On Wednesday, San Francisco-based startup, Inference Solutions, announced a new partnership with Pizza Hut Australia. The intelligent virtual agent company will provide the restaurant franchises with chatbots that can steer customer calls to the right locations. Moreover, the firm is releasing a new iteration of its customizable human-computer interaction software that offers robust customer service support.

The Pizza Hut Australia Deal

Currently, Pizza Hut maintains 270 locations in the nation of Australia. However, despite its sizable presence, the corporation found that it needed help routing the calls it fields from the country’s 24 million consumers. Consequently, the Yum Brands subsidiary is partnering with the virtual agency firm to make its call intake process more efficient.

Inference Solutions’ chatbots will now handle the inquiries of people who call Pizza Hut Australia’s national number. The company’s intelligent routing program will assist callers in making delivery orders, requesting pickups, or finding answers to their questions. The firm’s virtual agents can also capture consumers’ location data to route them to their local restaurants.

Inference Solutions CEO Callan Schebella noted that Pizza Hut Australia would use his company chatbots to “improve customer experience while reducing their cost-to-service.”

Indeed, the startup has had remarkable success in sales and service organizations with virtual agents. Crunchbase estimates that the organization brings in $7.3 million in annual revenue. Additionally, the company’s cutting-edge new products will likely help it become much more profitable.

DIY Virtual Agent Services

In addition to providing virtual agent services, Inference Solutions also offers its clients do-it-yourself chatbot toolkits. With the firm’s Studio software, organizations can build intelligent automated tools to handle their inbound business needs. Furthermore, Studio lets companies customize their virtual agents with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, so no coding skills are needed.

Studio 6.2, the newest iteration of the firm’s software, offers clients a much wider range of functionality. First off, the updated program now allows companies to design WhatsApp compatible chatbots that can interact with customers via text. Moreover, clients can direct the application to respond to consumers with images, PDF attachments, and videos.

Additionally, Inference Solutions’ customizable virtual agents now support Google’s Dialogflow. By utilizing the corporation’s machine learning natural language interface, Studio 6.2 can accurately detect speech in noisy environments and 12 different languages. Furthermore, the firm has integrated its agent creation tool with Google Calendar and Maps, so it can now schedule appointments and provide directions.

According to Juniper Research, the rise of human-computer interaction technology will save the industry a total of $8 billion by 2022. As such, business intelligence firm Gartner predicts that virtual agents will handle 85 percent of customer service interactions by 2020.

However, not all chatbot programs are created equal. Organizations that want to streamline their operations should entrust their inbound customer service tasks to a proven service provider like Inference Solutions.