How to hire and retain tech talent for your startup


Startups run on the cleverness of their founders, as well as the workforce they were able to put together. For this reason, startup companies are very unstable as they may have a lack of resources compared to established organizations. However, in order to transform dreams into reality, startups need to hire qualified employees that could bring benefits to the company. In other words, it doesn’t matter how pioneering your product is or how ingenious your business model can be, you still need to hire talents that can bring your company to the next level.

In like manner, hiring for major companies could be a difficult task, but for startups, it is even harder. In effect, this is because most startups have limited cash flow so hiring the wrong employees can potentially break your entrepreneurship.

For example, having a data scientist on your team is a good idea as they can find insights that will allow you to make smart decisions. But it does not mean that the job of finding a qualified data scientist will be easy.

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Also, realize that the process is not all about hiring, it is also about retaining your qualified workers. For nowadays’ tech talents, benefits are equally important as compensation. For this reason, just offering a good salary won’t guarantee your workers’ permanence.

So, in order to help you with hiring and retaining your employees, here’s a list with some tips and aspects that you need to consider when hiring and retaining new talents.

Hire Remote Workers

When you are not able to find the right candidates in your local area, you should be open to other options. Startups should use a more extensive scope when hiring new candidates. Remote employees can be a solution when aspirants nearby don’t meet your requirements.

Hiring remote employees can lower expenses. For example, if your new hires are people in Latin America, they are likely to expect less compensation for their work as living costs in most South American countries are lower than that of the United States.

If having remote employees is not a viable option for your startup, you could offer a flexible working schedule instead. You can consider that option when hiring tech talents like software engineers. Because of the nature of their role, they will be able to accomplish their tasks. Also, doing so would enhance your job offer as candidates would find it more attractive.

Provide Career Development Benefits

One can consider education as a form of currency today – and prospective employees are attracted to career development benefits at your company. To retain your current workers, you should provide them with financing options to help them enroll in a career development program or course.

Providing this kind of benefit to your workers can mean more profit for your organization. Education enables workers to obtain in-demand skills that not only benefit their careers but also your startup projects. For example, the use of web development has improved the way major companies do marketing, as we are in a digital era, digital platforms are in demand. Using a website would increase your brand recognition and increase the amount of data you can collect from customers. 

Also, tech talents know that they are the nowadays’ most wanted; for this reason, in most cases, you won’t be able to convince them with only providing a good salary.

Create a Good Working Environment 

Tech professionals are only human, and for that reason, they like to be appreciated. Creating a good working environment will be attractive not only to those who are already part of your team but also to new hirings. In like manner, people like to talk. So, if they are feeling great and they are enjoying their work-life, they will spread the word. Also, people who love their jobs and their working environment will churn more, work harder, and add more value to your organization.

For example, Google’s UX/UI designers receive good salaries, as well as excellent benefits. But, they don’t like to work there just because of the attractive salary and benefits. It is also because they love their working environment, and they feel that their jobs are not actual jobs. In other words, they enjoy the time they spend there.



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