How technology lets you market smart during the holiday season

Tech tools to use when marketing during the holidays.

Marketing effectively isn’t easy, and a successful campaign is often the product of a lot of forethought and research. As we’ve covered before, digital marketing is similar to the stock market in many ways. They both require patience, continuous research, and updated information. And just like stock market trading, successful marketing means that you should know when to act.

That last point definitely holds true for the holiday season, which is the biggest time of the year for many retailers and manufacturers. Most companies see their best sales during this part of the year, which is why timely, relevant marketing campaigns are crucial. These campaigns are often boosted by advances in technology, which can make marketing faster and more accurate.

Here are a few examples of how tech can help you market smart during the holidays.

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Voice Search

Smart speakers have been gaining in popularity, with Adobe reporting online sales for voice devices growing at a whopping 39 percent each year. This new era of voice-enabled smart speakers means that there is going to be a shift in consumer culture, particularly when it comes to searches.

Voice search is the new frontier in marketing, and one that businesses would do well to adapt to. Update your content by increasing focus on question keywords, using more conversational language, and making sure your content is value-adding. With more people expecting to use voice assistants to help with their holiday shopping, adapting to voice search is more important than ever.


While ecommerce and online shopping has grown in the last few years, there’s still nothing like heading to the shops yourselves. Many consumers still prefer to do their holiday shopping in physical stores, which opens up certain marketing opportunities for businesses.

One of these opportunities is geofencing. Triadex Services states that geofencing is compatible with 47 percent of mobile phones. Using GPS technology, businesses can send targeted ads promoting their stores and products to customers once they enter within a geofenced area. This means you can capture customers just as they’re about to make a purchasing decision, and gently steer them in your direction. During a prime period like the holidays, geofencing is more effective than ever.

Machine Learning

When it comes to navigating through the competition, AI can often be your best friend. This is especially true during the holidays when businesses compete with the lowest prices and biggest deals. According to Martech Advisor, machine learning and AI can be the key to successful marketing during the holiday season.

AI can help you streamline your marketing approach by identifying key data points and strategies that have been proven to work. It can also customize ads according to customer preferences, creating up to 5 percent more revenue. Plus, AI can even help you take advantage of unplanned purchases, enticing new customers with tailored ads that are designed to appeal to specific demographics.

Augmented Reality

One of the best and most innovative tools available to businesses and marketers today is augmented reality. Augmented reality is a boon for retailers, especially during the holiday season. Social Media Today highlights the benefits of AR, including its uniqueness, novelty, and interactivity.

That interactivity can be especially attractive to customers who are looking for the most efficient ways to do their holiday shopping. Retailers can use AR apps and smartphone cameras to help customers visualize how products will look in their homes or on their bodies. This smarter approach emphasizes convenience, which is key in driving customers to pick your brand over your competitors.


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