Alex Rodriguez joins FitPlan as investor and fitness trainer

Arod is investing in and training users within the FitPlan app.

MLB all-star and current career investor, Alex Rodriguez, recently partnered with the 2016 fitness startup, FitPlan, in two surprising ways.

The former New York Yankees player recently led a $4.5 million investment round for the company with Corazon Capital that will help it hire new talent and expand its services. Furthermore, on top of the funds that Rodriguez personally invested, he’s also joining the fitness app’s team of celebrity trainers.

How FitPlan Works

FitPlan isn’t the only fitness application making strides (sorry, not sorry), but it is taking a unique, celebrity-driven approach within its industry. Started by co-founders Landon Hamilton and Cam Speck, the service aims to eventually become the premier fitness application for athletes-in-training.

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The app provides exercise guidance through a variety of fitness plans. Each one is led through pre-recorded video classes featuring specific celebrities and trainers. Even so, having competitive or athletic intentions is in no way an intended requirement to use or succeed with FitPlan.

Rather, FitPlan’s service caters to anyone who’s willing to commit to exercising for their physical and mental health. The plans it offers are diverse and suited for people of all fitness levels, with new video courses releasing monthly. So, whether someone’s managing to push themselves to the gym for the very first time or they’re a seasoned player gearing up for a college football tryout, there is a guided workout to meet their needs.

For $83.99 a year, $44.99 a quarter, or $15.99 per month, users can sign-up and access exercise programs that include everything from Body Building 101 and weight loss, to workouts specially designed to enhance sports performance.

FitPlan’s services also include fitness tracking that allows users to monitor their progress. They can also collaborate with a growing community of over 1,400,000 users. For anyone interested in trying out the application, FitPlan provides free 7-day trials with each of its subscription options.

Fitness Plans from Celebrity Trainers

Through the startup’s efforts, and direct help from Rodriguez, FitPlan has amassed an impressive list of athletic icons.

From renowned trainers Corey Calliet and Danni Bell, to Carolina Panthers player Christian McCaffrey, and fitness models like Hattie Boydle and Sommer Ray, there’s been a notable effort made to get celebrities to sign on.

While the company continues to grow, it will undoubtedly seek to expand its roster of recognizable trainers. As Rodriguez notes himself, with the star-studded names working with the service already “you’re looking at an explosive media company, when you collectively have over a billion followers on social media.”