Canada’s makeover in the online digital marketing arena

Canada adapts with new digital marketing

As the human race pulls together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, some significant changes are happening behind the scenes. In Canada, for instance, the prevailing digitization trend was boosted by the unprecedented challenges in 2020.

Canadian industries have been forced to rethink their digital strategy as they look for ways to change with time. The measures taken by these industries are transforming Canada’s digital marketing, albeit behind the scenes for now. Digital solutions are no longer optional for modern businesses; they are slowly becoming part of the core business planning. 

The New Reality

Like online casinos picked the lessons a few years back, other industries have been forced to adapt to the new reality swiftly. Businesses have appreciated the fact that they have adopted new solutions as per the current trends. Traditional forms of marketing are no longer viable. Businesses have to learn about SEO strategies to increase traffic to their online platforms and adopt new advertising and affiliate strategies. 

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Some of the solutions being adopted currently are seen as stop-gap measures. But, eventually, they may end up being the new reality for many businesses. Canadian Technology authorities have acknowledged the new reality and are adapting as well. The authorities are now committed to supporting the digitization of the country. 

They plan to support the e-commerce economy in the country and work on online safety and security. The current health crisis has come as a blessing in disguise for the digital economy. As a way to respond to the crisis and boost ongoing technological initiatives, the Canadian government is planning to pump around 28 billion CAD into the country’s digital transformation. 

Another initiative was pushed by IT World Canada, which organized a Digital Transformation week that brought together IT and business experts to brainstorm digital solutions for the Canadian economy. Even though the discussions were pegged around digital solutions in response to the current pandemic, they have long-term effects. The conversation reserved for certain types of businesses is slowly turning out to be shared among all businesses. 

Remote Working and Learning

The working and learning spaces have also undergone a complete overhaul in 2020. While some employers and learning institutions had started adopting remote access strategies, the crisis has put their digital solutions to test. As people were coming to terms with social distancing realities, businesses had to adapt swiftly. The online meeting tools and learning platforms reserved for the chosen few are now standard practice. Employees have to adapt to working from their home offices while businesses have to learn how to operate from digital stores. Learners, regardless of their age, have also had to adjust to a new way of learning.

Bottom Line

The “new normal,” as it was referred to in the beginning, is truly the world’s new normal. The future is digital, without a doubt. The current pandemic has pushed the world population to appreciate the digital space more. Digital marketing has been transformed into one of the mainstream marketing strategies for all industries. It is no longer a preserve for the multinationals; even small businesses have been pushed to make big decisions. Even after the dust from the current pandemic settles, the drive for more digital solutions will keep rising. 


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