Blueshift raises $30M for its AI-driven marketing cloud

Blueshift has raised $30 for its marketing cloud platform.

Today’s world is all about devices and digital solutions. For companies that offer marketing tools to other businesses, the focus on technology is evident. Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe have popularized the idea of a “marketing cloud” that contains several tools to help businesses grow across multiple digital channels.

Now, there is a new player in the game. A startup called Blueshift has raised $30 million for its AI-driven marketing cloud, TechCrunch reports. Each tool in the bundle is designed to work well with the others—something that can’t be said of similar offerings. Blueshift’s Series C funding will reportedly help it expand into new markets outside of the U.S. and Europe and continue to develop its technology.

‘Not Just an App’

Business today is driven by data. From the moment a potential customer clicks on a company’s website, their actions and experience are tracked. This leads to a vast amount of data that can be used to guide marketing and sales decisions. In order to do so, however, companies need a way to compile and analyze that data.

This is where Blueshift comes into play. The startup’s CEO Vijay Chittoor said in an interview, “The product already has a unified format, to ingest data from multiple sources and redistribute that out to apps. Now, we want to distribute that data to more last-mile applications.”

“Our biggest initiative is to scale out the notion of us being not just an app but a platform,” he adds.

Blueshift’s SmartHub platform pulls in data from a variety of sources and organizes it for easy viewing. This helps companies make decisions at the customer level and allows them to make better use of first-party data instead of buying it from a third-party vendor.

Expansion Funding

Blueshift’s latest funding round of $30 million is significant since it allows the startup to expand and improve its platform. TechCrunch reports that it is led by Fort Ross Ventures and also includes participation from Avatar Growth Capital. Some of Blueshift’s former investors, including Storm Ventures, Conductive Ventures, and Nexus Venture Partners are also involved in its latest round.

Fort Ross Ventures’ Ratan Singh said in a statement, “Our mission is to back category-leading companies that are poised to dominate a market. Blueshift clearly stood out to us as the leader in the enterprise CDP space. We are thrilled to partner with the Blueshift team as they accelerate the adoption of their SmartHub DCP platform.”

To date, Blueshift has built a noteworthy client list. Some of its customers include LendingTree, Discovery Inc., Udacity, BBC, and Groupon.

Prior to starting Blueshift, Chittoor worked with Groupon after it acquired his previous startup. In an interview, he said, “The challenges we are solving today we saw firsthand as challenges our customer saw at Groupon and Walmart. The connected customer journey is creating a thousand times more data than before, and people and brands are engaging across more touchpoints. Tracking that has become harder with legacy channel-centric applications.”

As noted, Blueshift’s platform is designed to deal with these challenges and provide customers with a complete solution for data management and analytics.

This startup is one to watch as it starts making use of its latest cash injection.


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