TechCrunch Disrupt 2020: Allthenticate is making cybersecurity better and easier

Disrupt2020: Allthenticate is making cybersecurity better and easier.
Image: Twitter | Allthenticate

Regardless of industry, cybersecurity is one of the most pressing concerns for a business operating in the 21st century. As society increases its embrace of digitalization, the safety of its computer systems and data becomes increasingly important. For small or medium-sized enterprises (SME), a single cyberattack can be economically ruinous.

Allthenticate, a featured startup at TechCrunch’s Disrupt2020 event, wants to help make businesses more secure without overcomplicating their operations.

How Allthenticate Optimizes Corporate Cyber and Physical Security

Every day, cybercriminals worldwide look for ways to exploit common vulnerabilities in a company’s digital infrastructures.

As a result, many firms now require their employees to use multifactor authentication when interacting with company systems or facilities. While doing so protects SMEs from certain types of cyberattacks, workers can feel overwhelmed when trying to keep track of several mobile devices, dongles, and RFID cards.

Allthenticate aims to make both digital and physical security more robust but not more convoluted.

The startup offers a security ecosystem that provides its clients with rigorous protection against malicious operators online and in real life. Its cloud-based management portal stores SMEs’ data and only permits access to authorized users.

That means firms can use Allthenticate’s tools to get work done at the office, on the go, or at home.

In addition, Allthenticate maintains iOS and Android mobile applications that verify employee credentials before granting access to critical company data. The startup’s apps also interface with its smart door reader to confirm worker identities at building access points. That means employees do not need to carry a dedicated authentication device, corporate ID card, or regularly update their passwords or keycodes.

What Makes Allthenticate’s Offerings Special

One of the biggest societal changes that have come about since the coronavirus outbreak is that many companies have transitioned to operating remotely. While that paradigm shift has helped slow the spread of the pandemic, it has also created some new headaches.

For example, let’s say an electronics manufacturer maintains a geographically diffuse workforce to facilitate its operations. In general, that’s a great modern practice, but what happens if an engineer or production line worker loses their ID card? If an employer’s information technology (IT) department is in another country, new credentials cannot be issued right away.

If that manufacturer uses Allthenticate’s platform, the workers can enter the company’s facilities with their personal smartphones.

Similarly, what happens if the hacker installs a keylogger on one of an SME’s work terminals? Within a few hours, cybercriminals could steal login and password information that grants them access to the company’s entire digital infrastructure.

But since Allthenticate’s management portal relies on smartphone multifactor authentication, the keylogger will not record any employee credentials because they do not exist.

Every year, new startups pop up and claim their products can realize the convenience and security advantages of digitalization. Allthenticate is different because its offerings represent a true innovation in an important field. The startup’s technology is also the best kind of technological advancement: one that improves and simplifies an existing process.



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