Aeraccess aims to lead UAV market with investment push from Boundary Holding

Boundary Holding invests in Aeraccess
Image: Aeraccess

European investment firm, Boundary Holding, has invested in the pre-series A round of Aeraccess, a French technology solutions provider, to tap the potential of the firm in its bid to become a UAV market leader. The company aims to utilize the capital for expanding its business across the Asian market, with a special focus on India.

Aeraccess provides a diversified portfolio of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) with great expertise in all-weather UAVs that are able to sustain in the harsh environment. The company’s most popular product in the outdoor range is HAWKER Q800X, an all-weather patented solution designed especially for ISR applications. It supports a variety of payloads and third-party integrations.

Incepted in 2014, Aeraccess also excels in manufacturing indoor UAV range like SPARROWHAWK, designed for indoor intelligence and investigation. Aeraccess UAS’s are already sold in many countries within a wide network of commercial collaborations (for instance with Exo Drone in Canada). Hence, the firm has the potential to emerge as a key player in airborne security.

The seed funding of Aeraccess was done by Scientipôle Capital in 2017. The investment push from Boundary Holding has come at the right time, as the company is eyeing expansion across the Asian markets.

The founder of Boundary Holding, Mr. Rajat Khare, was impressed with the potential of Aeraccess to become a market leader in future. He met with the principal founder of the company, Mr Shehzaad Callachand, multiple times in France, wherein he realized that the founder is passionate about creating a unique identity of Aeraccess, which is capable of developing innovative and complete airborne technological solutions. Mr Khare recognized that there is no other company in the market providing such distinctive solutions with great expertise, and therefore closed the deal.

Boundary Holding, led by Mr. Rajat Khare, is a deep technology investment firm. It is known for investing in companies that show a remarkable revenue trajectory and capability of integrating with its business vision, which is based on investing in progressive and revolutionizing technology. On the back of its years of technical expertise and quick analytical approach, Boundary Holding identifies such investment opportunities across various parts of the globe. The firm has close to 10 holdings in Europe and Asia and its focus areas of investment are: Autonomous Vehicles/Drones, Detection and Analytics, Clean Tech and Med Tech.

The recent investment in Aeraccess has enabled Boundary Holding to be the equity owner in the company, while helping the firm to enhance its operations and develop a diverse product range. It is a great opportunity for Aeraccess to expand its presence across the globe and become the first choice of customers in the long run.


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