Activ Surgical raises $15M for surgical vision technology

This startup just raised $15M for surgical visualization tech.

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of a robot performing their surgery. Even so, it appears that the healthcare sector doesn’t plan to stop adding robots to hospitals anytime soon. That’s even true in the operating room.

With robotic surgeries on the rise, Boston-based startup Activ Surgical has a lot to be excited about. A newly completed $15 million funding round certainly doesn’t hurt.

The medical startup aims to use the new funding to continue pursuing its mission of integrating robotics and AI-based visualizations into the surgical setting.

Activ’s New Funding

Activ Surgical is still fresh on the heels of its first product release. The startup unveiled its ActivEdge platform, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning system, in May. It uses data from hardware attachments that are fixed to surgical equipment to provide real-time intelligence and visualization that helps surgeons perform their jobs better.

Now, the startup is back for more.

Its recently completed funding round raised a total of $15 million from a variety of investors. It was led by ARTIS Ventures and includes participation from LRVHealth, DNS Capital, GreatPoint Ventures, Tao Capital Partners, and Rising Tide VC.

The round brings Activ’s total funding to $32 million.

Modernizing Surgery

The healthcare sector is bursting with opportunities for integrating technology. Almost any application that promises to increase patient safety or boost the effectiveness of treatments is being considered.

That means there is plenty of room for Activ’s offerings to make a splash.

Its primary goal is to bring technological innovation to the world of surgical vision. Largely, this area still relies on methods like fluorescent dyes that have been around for more than 70 years. Not only do these dyes cause problems for some patients, such as those with diabetes or kidney damage, they can also be an allergen.

Activ wants to help surgeons ditch these dyes by using computer vision instead. Ultimately, it hopes that a combination of surgical insights and sophisticated robotic hardware could pave the way for fully autonomous procedures. Of course, that sort of reality is still a long way away.

In the meantime, the startup’s ActivSight is almost ready to make a debut. The small, connected imaging coddle is the first component of its ActivEdge platform. It attaches to existing laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgical instruments to give surgeons a better view and real-time feedback.

Activ is currently targeting a fourth-quarter date for the hardware to be cleared by the FDA. It is already working with eight hospital partners in the U.S. to test out the device via pilot programs.

The startup’s new funding will help it make a big impact in the health-tech sector in the years to come.


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