7 ways startups can use social media promotions

These 7 tips will help startups gain traction and followers on social media while getting their brand out there.

Social media is a powerful business tool that allows companies of all sizes to reach billions of people worldwide.

The number of global social media users has exploded over the past year. According to We Are Social and Hootsuite’s Global Digital 2019 reports, 3.48 billion social media users are active in 2019. This total has increased by 288 million people (nine percent) since January 2018.

Plus, 3.26 billion people are engaging in social media via a mobile device. This represents an increase of 297 million users (which equals a 10 percent usage spike), since the start of last year.

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Leveraging social media’s diverse digital platforms can give startups the kind of widespread exposure that they need to succeed. These seven tips can help startups use social media promotion to reach a wider audience.

Fill Out Profile Sections on Social Pages

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube all have a profile or bio section to complete. The “About” tab on Facebook provides space for contact information like a phone number or email address. It also features a place to post a website link and links to other social pages.

By comparison, the “Story” area lets startups tell followers more about the company in a conversational way. Wahlburgers’ Story page, for instance, explains how Chef Paul “set out to create a family restaurant” and also mentions how his brother Mark’s favorite burger is “topped with all things Thanksgiving.”

Sharing a personal story helps capture a customer’s interest and helps them relate to products on a closer level.

Promote Social Pages in Email Campaigns

Email campaigns preceded social media as a means of connecting with customers by several years. Despite the rise of social platforms, emails remain a valuable digital marketing tool, according to a Forbes report on hot marketing trends.

Adding social icons to a startup’s email signature or in a sidebar on email newsletters helps customers connect to the company’s social channels. This internal linking also helps raise brand awareness. Meanwhile, it keeps customers informed about products, services, and specials promoted on social networks.

Run Social-Only Specials

Lots of customers seek out online specials from their favorite brands⁠—just like they would clip a coupon in a weekly newspaper. Running a sale or discount event exclusively on social pages attracts potential customers, helps drive up sales, and keeps current customers coming back to the company’s social accounts in search of the latest deals.

Cross-Promote Social Channels

Startups can take a page from celebrities’ social media playbooks to learn a lesson in successful cross-promotion.

For instance, Taylor Swift has the link to her newly released seventh studio album, “Lover,” on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Her profile photos on all of the accounts display the album cover. She also promotes a special YouTube Live event on Facebook. These intertwining posts generate buzz about her new album and provide links for her fans to buy it.

Startups can create a similar cross-platform brand strategy by posting the same logos or product photos across multiple social accounts. Sharing an Instagram post on Twitter or linking to a YouTube video on Instagram are two more good examples of effective cross-promotion.

Use Branded #Hashtags

Twitter is known for launching the popularity of the #hashtag in a post. When browsing the platform, users can click a #hashtag on the Trending Topics sidebar or from within a post to see all of the posts containing that #hashtag in a rolling, real-time feed.

Startups can create #hashtags on multiple social pages to represent products, a slogan, or a company name, such as #BarnesandNoble. Custom #hashtags can be used for a special sale or an upcoming event, like NASA’s #Artemis mission.

Whatever their use, these popular social mentions help drive brand awareness. They also encourage potential customers to explore other pages and #productofferings.

Tag Products in Social Posts

Product tags are like #hashtags but are usually set off by the “@” symbol instead of the “#” sign. On Facebook, users tag Friends in a post by putting their @name anywhere inside it.

Likewise, startups can place tags in social media captions on product photos. If the tag links to a company website, customers can click through to get more product information. More importantly, if the site is set up for e-commerce, interested buyers can purchase the product instantly.

Interact with Social Followers

Perhaps the most important way that startups can harness the power of social media is to engage and interact with their followers. Most companies should strive to make social followers raving fans of their products and services. After all, enthusiastic customers often spread the word about products they love to friends and family.

Promptly answering questions posed in the comments section and thanking people for reviews and feedback is essential. Likewise, asking followers questions via polls, quizzes, and contests can drive up customer enthusiasm. Social interactions such as these help build a loyal customer base for both emerging and established brands.

Overall, these are just a few of the many ways that social media promotions can help startups attract customers, drive sales, and grow in an ever-crowded marketplace.