Scaling your platform: 3 tips to enhance your online presence

Digital marketing lessons culled from working in the stock market.

We’re about to enter 2020, and as the importance of digital marketing grows ever larger, there’s no doubt how critical the online presence of a business has become.

This doesn’t just apply to broad companies, who on average allocated 11 percent of their budgets toward online marketing last year. According to adaptive marketing, 97 percent of consumers used the internet to find local businesses in 2017. Furthermore, 12 percent of those people polled expressed that they use the internet to research local businesses nearly every day.

But despite the need for a strong online presence, not every business will successfully cultivate one. Countless others are vying for the attention of online audiences, meaning there’s a lot of competition out there.

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However, the simple truth is a lot of those businesses won’t put in the work required to exceed most of their competitors. By following three simple tips, you’ll enhance your online presence beyond theirs, and better stand out as an authority in your industry.

Commit to Creating Consistent Content

In the beginning it might feel like you’re posting constant content, but not getting the returns you expect.

When starting your online presence from scratch, it’ll take time for Google to recognize your website as a reliable source. But by ensuring that you keep posting fresh and genuinely valuable content that’s relative to your brand, results will follow. People searching the products and services you’re marketing will find your website higher on Google’s search results, encouraging organic traffic.

Besides, you never know what well-written article or informative (and entertaining) video might go viral and rapidly scale your exposure.

Learn how to Monitor your Website and Analyze its Progress

Of course, while producing high-quality content is key to enticing audiences, it’s impossible to improve your performance without ongoing analysis.

If you don’t understand what is and isn’t working for your online presence, then you’ll never accurately focus your efforts. There’s a variety of digital tools that help track your website’s development over time and provide data to act on.  Some of them, like Google Analytics, can be used for free to improve the search-engine optimization (SEO) of your content.

It takes time to learn how to accurately use these tools and make valuable changes to your website. But if you’re serious about improving your online presence, this is a crucial part of the process. For those without the time or interest, consider hiring an expert to handle your website’s data analysis and content optimization.

Design a Plan to Advance your Online Presence

To most effectively grow your business’ presence online, it should have a strong social media strategy that complements onsite content.

Stimulating organic traffic to your website through valuable resources and SEO-friendly practices is a major first step. But while your website operates on a strong foundation of content, to draw more attention you’ll need to reach out. From creating a presence on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, to planning attractive landing pages that entice readers to browse your products and services, careful planning will ensure that your website’s content strategy is organized and effective.

This is an area where investing in a media publicist, or social media strategist, could help elevate your efforts.

Though these aren’t the only things you should do to enhance your digital presence, they are a great starting point. So, whether you’re a new startup or just need to drive more traffic to your site, start here and you won’t go wrong.