Report: Israel’s Institute for Biological Research to test coronavirus vaccine

Israeli researchers narrow in on a coronavirus vaccine.

On March 12, Haaretz reported Israel’s Institute for Biological Research will announce that it will begin testing a coronavirus vaccine. The publication stated the organization recently had a breakthrough in its research into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another Israeli scientific organization, the Migal Galilee Research Institute, is also preparing to test a coronavirus vaccine in “a few weeks.”

Institute for Biological Research’s Coronavirus Vaccine

According to Haaretz, the Israel Institute for Biological Research is on the cusp of announcing a major coronavirus development milestone. The organization’s scientists have reportedly gained a new understanding of COVID-19’s biological qualities and mechanism. As such, the group will be able to develop improved diagnostic tools, antibodies to aid the infected, and a vaccine.

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Unfortunately, the institute’s new medical innovations won’t be ready for public deployment anytime soon. The organization’s discoveries will have to undergo extensive testing to determine its effectiveness and chart its potential side effects.

The process of vetting a new vaccine can take between several months to a year and a half.

Indeed, Israel’s Defense Ministry issued a statement noting that the institution’s coronavirus research process “is conducted according to an orderly work plan and it will take time.”

On February 1, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directed the Israel Institute for Biological Research to begin studying the pandemic. Ynet reported researchers in Italy, Japan, and other affected areas sent COVID-19 samples to the Middle Eastern nation three weeks ago.

Migal Galilee Research Institute’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Israel’s state-supported Migal Galilee Research Institute is also reportedly preparing to evaluate an oral coronavirus vaccine. The Times of Israel states the group’s potential remedy will be ready for testing shortly. The firm developed its inoculation so quickly because it had previously been working on a customizable virus protection solution.

Since 2016, the institute has dedicated its resources to designing a configurable vaccine to immunize the public against several different diseases. Before the coronavirus outbreak, the organization had launched a pilot program to find an inoculation for the Infectious Bronchitis Virus. The group changed tact as COVID-19 began to spread across China.

Notably, the Migal Galilee team didn’t need samples of the infection to begin its development process. The group downloaded the coronavirus’s genetic sequence after it had been posted online by Chinese scientists in January. Thanks to the research institute’s advanced research methodologies, it has created a protein capable of offering patients two-fold protection against the pandemic.

While the organization’s COVID-19 vaccine still needs to undergo safety evaluation, it could be available sooner rather than later. Dr. Chen Katz, the institute’s Biotechnology Group Leader, said the oral inoculation would be test ready in “a few weeks.” He also noted, “The clinical testing experiments themselves are not so long, and we can complete them in 30 days, plus another 30 days for human trials.”

Subsequently, the team’s vaccination would need approval from government regulators before deployment. Currently, the Migal Galilee Research Institute is looking to partner with another organization to expedite its clinical trials.

Even with the wait times mandated by international medical safety standards, it’s undeniably impressive that Migal Galilee and Israel’s Institute for Biological Research have already done such crucial research in such a timely manner.


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