IBM releases AI tools to help researchers understand COVID-19

IBM works to end coronavirus pandemic with AI.

Combating a global pandemic isn’t easy work. Understanding the coronavirus and COVID-19, the disease it causes, requires a huge network of brilliant minds and powerful technology working in unison.

That’s why IBM is releasing several AI-powered tools to help researchers understand the virus and learn how to fight it. As one of the world’s leaders in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), IBM can greatly aid in the battle against the coronavirus. By empowering researchers with its suite of tools, it is putting its influence to work.

Deep Searching

The field of COVID-19 research has many branches. It includes everything from genome research to vaccine trials and community mapping to data analysis. That’s more than humans can keep up with.

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However, IBM’s AI is more than capable of cataloguing the vast amount of information that is distributed every day. Its AI deep search tool is currently collecting data from the White House, an array of research organizations, and medical research databases.

Researchers working to address the COVID-19 pandemic are able to run queries through the program. It uses machine learning to sort through its library of more than 13,000 documents to return helpful information and applicable data. IBM says that the tool is capable of adding up to 100,000 new PDFs per day. As research surrounding COVID-19 continues to progress, the tool will be a go-to resource for scientists that need the most relevant information.

Meanwhile, IBM’s Functional Genomics Platform is now available for free to COVID-19 researchers. The tool has a myriad of uses. Most important is its cloud-based repository of genes, proteins, and molecules found in viruses and different species of bacteria. It helps researchers identify compounds that could be used to design new drugs.

For COVID-19, that capability is already in action. IBM has already found 3,000 molecules that could be used to create a therapy for the illness. After identifying potential candidates, researchers can analyze the compounds in IBM’s interactive molecular explorer tool.

The company is also opening up its cloud-based repository of more than 300 million genomic sequences. The library includes newly sequenced genomes of SARS-CoV-2.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals can access IBM’s Micromedex and DynaMed tools for free. These resources include evidence-based information about various drugs and diseases—including COVID-19.

Consumer Information

While most of IBM’s tools are for medical researchers, its coronavirus efforts don’t exclude everyday people. Those who want to find the most up-to-date COVID-19 data can do so via The Weather Channel app.

As a subsidiary of IBM, The Weather Channel is bringing local coronavirus data and maps to the mobile world. Users can access it for free to get a reliable picture of how the virus is spreading near them.

Although that won’t be interesting for everyone, it’s a great resource for those that find empowerment by staying in the know.


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