Microsoft offers Xbox One S All-Digital console Black Friday deal for just $150 with three games

Microsoft's Xbox One S All Digital is on sale for $150 with three games this Black Friday
Image: Microsoft

Anyone hesitating to get a new game console should take notice of Microsoft’s recent Black Friday deal. It features the Xbox One S All-Digital console along with three games for just $150. Making the list are three best-selling titles including “Minecraft,” “Fortnite Battle Royale,” and Microsoft’s own open-world pirate game “Sea of Thieves.”

Considering that the One S can play every Xbox One title and even render games in 4K, the value for the money is unbeatable. With an Xbox Game Pass subscription, the deal grants access to hundreds of games for under $200.

Eye-Catching Deal

Though there will be plenty of gaming-related Black Friday deals within the next few days, this is arguably the best one. Sure, it only takes about $100 off of the All-Digital console. However, the final price is what makes it so great. At just $150, most anyone can afford to grab a new console if they want one.

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The inclusion of three best-selling games doesn’t hurt either. At retail price, the trio goes for about $50. Notably, Fortnite is more of a convenience inclusion as it is free to play. Meanwhile, the Black Friday bundle also includes a one-month trial of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold for online gameplay.

If that taste isn’t enough, that’s okay. Best Buy is currently offering a three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for just $25. That’s $20 less than the normal price. The subscription grants access to the Xbox Game Pass library of titles for both console and PC as well as a Live Gold subscription.

If the original trio of included games isn’t appealing, there are also several other bundle options. One is a combo of the All-Digital console with a copy of “NBA 2K20” for just $199. Another choice is the standard Xbox One S console with “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” for the same price.

Xbox One S All-Digital Specs

If you’re already familiar with the standard Xbox One S, the only difference with the All-Digital version is that it lacks a disc drive. While this obviously means that you can only play downloaded games, it also takes away the Xbox’s ability to play Blu-Ray discs. For casual gamers, neither of those differences are likely to be a deal-breaker.

The console included with this year’s Black Friday deal is capable of playing every Xbox One game in full HD. Though not as powerful as the more expensive Xbox One X, the All-Digital edition can also render content in 4K via a clever workaround. The console’s built-in hard drive is a spacious 1 TB, which is enough to hold between 7-12 games at a time.

For anyone that isn’t looking for the cutting-edge bonus features (like 6 teraflops of graphical processing power) found in the One X, this deal can’t be beaten. Both casual gamers and those looking to dip their feet into the console world without breaking the bank can find plenty of value here.

The $150 deal is live on Microsoft’s website and can also be found at other major retailers like Walmart, Gamestop, and Best Buy. Walmart’s version adds even more value by swapping “Fortnite” for the racing title “Forza Horizon 3.”