Withings Wi-Fi scale delivers next-level body composition readings

Image of Withings scale
Image: Withings

When it comes to weight loss, there is no shortage of fitness tools at your disposal. The internet is filled with endless fitness apps, information on the latest fad diets, and other lose-weight-quick gimmicks. It can be a daunting task to sort through, and all the while precious time is wasted on reaching those precious fitness goals.

At the end of the day, making dietary and lifestyle changes, sticking to a fitness routine and, perhaps most importantly, monitoring progress are the keys to success. That’s where this nifty fitness tool comes in. No, it’s not a run-of-the-mill scale where you step on, read a solitary number, then step off and go about your day.

The Withings Body+ is a Wi-Fi scale that connects online and syncs with the company’s Health Mate app to determine body composition data far beyond what typical scales offer.

To further separate itself from the field, the Body+ tracks measurements crucial in meeting individual health goals, like BMI, total body fat and water percentage, and even bone and muscle mass. The best part is, all of this data is saved for you within the app.

User-Friendly Setup

All of this tech baked into a simple bathroom scale sounds difficult to manage and set up, right? Not exactly. One of the keys to this next-level scale is its ease of use.

To set up, download the Health Mate app, create an account, and sync the app to the scale. From there, just follow along with the step-by-step instructions within the app. To start your fitness journey, input the data you’d like to track, including specialized metrics that separate the Body+ from a typical scale, like bone mass, BMI, weight, etc., along with personal information, like height, age and weight. Sometimes fitness is a shared journey. With that in mind, up to eight users can sync up individual accounts using the scale.

Weight loss goals will also be set so the app can track any progress made. As an added benefit, the app is compatible with over 100 fitness apps from across the web, including  Apple Fitness, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Google Fit.

Once the app is set up and synced to the scale, it will send daily reminders designed to steer users towards their fitness goals, like activity and water intake reminders. The comprehensive data stored over time can even be organized into individual health reports and shared via PDF to healthcare professionals. Let’s see yesterday’s scales deliver that sort of personalized fitness service!

How It Works

So how does the Body+ deliver industry-leading body composition measurements that go far beyond just weight? The next-gen scale uses something called bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which is an electrical signal used to measure comprehensive body composition.

The readings are determined by the length of time the harmless electrical signal takes to travel through individual users’ bodies. The signal will move slower through fat and quicker through harder materials, like bone and muscle. The signal just takes seconds to run its course and deliver metrics unique to your body.

Tipping the Scales

The scale offers a trove of features, including industry-leading body composition measurements, a user-friendly setup and app that syncs with dozens of leading fitness apps, next-gen tech like bioelectrical impedance analysis, and more. To say this scale is stacked would be an understatement. Now, what does it cost for all of these features? Just around $99 from Amazon.

Yes, that’s a bit steeper than your average bathroom scale, but this isn’t your average bathroom scale. Plus, the baked-in features can prove crucial in meeting those fitness goals.


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