Vago Travel Compressor saves you from baggage fees and embarrassment


This time of year is bad for movies but excellent for vacations. There are few feelings quite as exhilarating as leaving a grey and icy nightmare and arriving in a sunny and warm paradise. But to get from point A to point B quickly, you have to take a long, cramped, and expensive flight.

Most egregiously, you get charged an average of $28 for the privilege of taking your clothes with you on vacation. Even worse, if you’re going on a long trip or want to bring some souvenirs back for your friends and family, you get saddled with another $40 inconvenience fee.

But as with many of life’s absurdities, there is a marvelous technical solution for the problem of finite luggage space. The geniuses of Creation Cell have made the Vago Travel Compressor. The device, which looks like an extra-large D battery, can compress soft items by 50 percent. And for travelers, it’s as essential as a wallet or a smartphone.

Small, Fast and Self-sufficient

Although clothing compression products have been around for a while, the Vago device is a true innovation. For one thing, it is a small electronic tool that can vacuum out all the air from a small, medium, or large bag with remarkable speed.

There’s no large pump to wrangle and you don’t have to do any weight training to roll the air out yourself. And at only 77 grams, it adds less than a deck of cards worth of weight to your luggage.

Once activated, the Vago will complete its task in just five minutes. And because of its cutting edge pressure sensors, you don’t even need to monitor its progress. When active, its indicator light is green and red when finished. After it’s done making your clothes half their normal size, it shuts itself off automatically.

Put simply, it is an iPhone compared to everybody else’s eight-pound Zach Morris phone.

It Takes the Shame Out of Traveling

In addition to being a best in class clothing compressor, the Vago also takes the shame out of traveling. Let’s say you go on a weeklong vacation to an exotic locale you’ve wanted to visit for years. Or you go on a multi-day business trip.

The one thing that’s guaranteed to happen in both scenarios is once your trip ends, you will have to cart home some dirty and possibly smelly clothes.

That means you get to be the reason everyone on the airport shuttle and concourse has a wrinkled nose. The Vago can keep you from having this shameful experience ever again.

By vacuum sealing your clothes, you protect them from the odor and bacteria that makes standing in the check-in line awkward. Plus, as the Vago powers up via micro USB, there’s no problem if you accidentally leave its charger at home.

Using the Vago will not only give you more room in your luggage for the new clothes you picked up on vacation, but you also won’t have to explain to friends why their souvenirs smell bad.

Initially launched through Kickstarter, the Vago Travel Compressor blew through its $30,000 goal and earned nearly half a million dollars in less than two months. Now, it’s available for purchase and it’s priced so that it will pay for itself after one trip.

And with the weather not getting better anytime soon, now is the time for your first stress-free vacation.