Utilimedic’s UV8LED charges and sanitizes smartphones on the go

Utilimedic's UV8LED charges and sanitizes phones on the go.
Image: Utilimedic

We all love our smartphones. Unfortunately, they are magnets for germs. In today’s world, keeping things clean is more important than ever. Since you can’t avoid taking your phone out in public, cleaning it regularly is the next best option.

That being said, it’s very difficult to sanitize your smartphone effectively without damaging it. One solution is using UV-C light to kill germs. There are several devices on the market that are designed to do just that.

One of them stood out at CES 2021 earlier this month, receiving an Innovation Awards Honoree nomination. Utilimedic’s UV8LED sanitizes and charges your smartphone while you’re on the go to keep you germ-free and powered up at all times. The gadget’s combination of charging and cleaning makes it perfect for the car and those with busy lifestyles.

Convenient Cleaning

Not all gadgets are built equally. The UV8LED certainly puts that on display. It features an array of eight strategically placed UV-C LED lights that hit every part of your phone to ensure it is completely sanitized. A vacuum-plated aluminum interior helps reflect the UV-C light to maximize its impact. Utilimedic claims that it kills 99.9 percent of germs, viruses, and bacteria in just five minutes.

That means your phone can be sanitized in the time it takes to drive between errands or from work to home. Since the UV8LED is designed for the car, you won’t even miss your phone while it is getting cleaned.

Speaking of being designed for the car, the gadget rests atop a non-slip silicone pad to keep it securely in place wherever you decide to put it.

Of course, your phone isn’t the only thing you can sanitize with the UV8LED. It also fits things like keys, masks, pens, credit cards, and more. The UV-C light kills germs on any of the high-touch items you can’t live without.

The UV8LED is built with high-quality materials and isn’t damaged by sunlight, heat, cold, or humidity. This means you can leave it in the car year-round without having to worry about it getting ruined.

Charging Simplicity

Although the UV8LED would be great as a standalone phone sanitizer, the gadget takes things a step further. It doubles as a charger for your phone while you’re in the car. The device supports both wired and 10-watt Qi wireless charging.

This lets you maintain your battery life throughout the day while keeping your phone clean. Better yet, you can sanitize your phone and charge it while a passenger charges theirs at the same time.

Since the UV8LED is compatible with wired charging, you won’t have to sacrifice your Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connection to use it. Simply plug in your phone, run the cord through the gadget’s rubber cord slot, and hit the road while the UV8LED does the rest.

In today’s world, there is no such thing as being too safe. With a device like the UV8LED on your side, germs don’t stand a chance.


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