Urbanista’s new solar-powered headphones can play ‘forever’

Urbanista's new headphones play with solar power forever.
Image: Urbanista

There’s nothing worse than listening to music with your favorite wireless headphones when, suddenly, they run out of battery. Not being connected with a wire has its perks. Of course, it also leaves you reliant on a battery that isn’t very big.

A Swedish brand called Urbanista thinks you shouldn’t be restricted by battery life. The company is getting ready to release a pair of solar-powered headphones that can theoretically play “forever.”

Its Los Angeles headphones recharge from both sunlight and indoor light and offer about 50 hours of playtime on average before you even need to think about charging them with a cord.

Infinite Battery

This isn’t the first time a company has tried to make solar-powered headphones a thing. JBL did so a few years back and still hasn’t made it to market. The problem is that most consumers aren’t away from a charger for long enough to desperately need headphones that last forever. Although charging can be a hassle at times, it isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Still, it would be nice to go around without having to remember if you charged your headphones. That’s exactly what Urbanista offers with its upcoming headphones.

The Los Angeles feature a solar panel that’s integrated along the top of the headband. So, while you won’t even know it’s there, it will be gathering power from whatever light source you’re under. Of course, the amount of power the headphones can generate varies.

Urbanista says that an hour in bright sunlight will generate about three hours of playtime. On a cloudy day, that same hour only generates two hours of listening. On a dim plane flight, you’ll need eight hours of light exposure to gain one hour of playback.

It’s clear that listening on a plane won’t give you an infinite power hack, doing so outdoors just might. Meanwhile, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t put your headphones in a case, they’ll always be gaining power when you aren’t using them.

Basic Performance

Aside from their unique charging capabilities, Urbanista’s new headphones come with all the features you’d expect from a high-end pair.

In terms of audio quality, they are similar to the company’s Miami headphones. Although that means nothing to those who haven’t listened to them, the quality is solid. It won’t beat that of Bose or Sony, but it is more than good enough for most people.

Meanwhile, the solar-powered headphones feature built-in microphones for voice controls and phone calls. You can use them with both Siri and Google Assistant.

The Los Angeles headphones also feature an ambient mode that lets you stay aware of your surroundings. When you want to block them out, just turn up the volume.

Finally, if you do ever need to plug in your headphones, you can do so with the included USB-C charging cable.

The solar-powered headphones are slated to launch later this summer. They’ll have a price tag of $233 (£169), which is fair considering what you get. If you’re the type of person that hates plugging things in, they are certainly worth a look.


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