Under Armour’s new high tech bed sheets use infrared light to heal muscles


Sleep allows the body to reset and recharge. While people snooze away, the brain floods the body with hormones that bolster tissue growth. This helps mend damaged or sore muscles. While the body does a pretty good job at healing muscles during sleep, Under Armour has developed high tech bed sheets that give it a healing boost, as Futurism reports.

To accomplish this therapeutic feat, the Recover Sheet Set uses infrared light (IR). While humans can’t see infrared, the body constantly emits it in the form of thermal radiation. Under Armour’s sheets reflect the light back to the body to help rejuvenate muscles.

Far Out Infrared

With a wavelength range of 700 to 1,000 nanometers, IR lies between visible light and microwaves on the electromagnetic spectrum. While other forms of light like ultraviolet, microwaves, and gamma rays can be extremely harmful, even deadly, IR has exhibited therapeutic properties.

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The harmless electromagnetic radiation can penetrate the skin, reaching muscles, nerves, and even bone. Photoreceptors in cells then absorb its energy. This sets off a chain reaction of processes including the production of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is what many medical practitioners believe is the key to infrared therapy. The gas is integral to the health of the circulatory system. On a molecular level, nitric oxide signals cells to relax the arteries. This improves circulation, which in turn provides more oxygen and vital nutrients to damaged muscles and tissues.

Furthermore, researchers have discovered that a particular wavelength range of infrared light, called far-infrared (FIR), works best for improving the circulatory process. This is exactly the kind of energy Under Armour’s mineral-lined, IR reflecting sheets focus on.

Hot Healing?

When thinking of infrared, the first thing that might come to mind is heat. After all, IR primarily manifests itself as heat. So, all the hot sleepers out there might ask: Is the Recovery Sheet Set too hot?

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Under Armour addressed the heat problem by manufacturing the sheets with a breathable, micro-mesh fabric. The new sheets don’t have their own thread count. Instead, Under Armour used material from other high thread count sheets and turned it into the new fabric for improved ventilation. In addition, the company infused the sheets with an “insanely soft modal” for extra comfort. The set also includes recovery pillowcases.

Under Armour points out that the Recovery Sheet Set is not a medical device. However, it is geared toward athletes and fitness buffs who want to give their tired muscles a little extra love. In fact, Tom Brady’s workout routine inspired the sheet set. While the Recovery Sheet Set doesn’t come with six Super Bowl rings, the therapeutic infrared technology still brings the heat.