TIME publishes 25 Best Gadgets list from CES 2020

Trending at CES 2020
Image: Cody DeBos / The Burn-In

The annual CES tech conference can be overwhelmingly awesome. This year’s event has been no exception. In downtown Las Vegas, startups and tech giants came together to wow attendees with the next generation of consumer devices and game-changing technologies.

Fortunately, TIME has published a list of the 25 best gadgets at this year’s trade show so that the rest of the world knows what’s coming. From self-balancing adult strollers to stylish water filters, there is something for everyone to love. Here are a few highlights for those at home.

Smart Water Filtration

Smart appliances manufacturer, Rocean One, is tackling single-use plastics in a big way. The company has developed an all-in-one device that can filter, flavor, and carbonate tap water. 

Embedded in the device are a carbon dioxide tank and reusable flavor pods. Users can easily enhance their drinking water with natural fruit flavors while reducing their at-home carbon footprints.

For those interested, you can join the Rocean One waitlist on the company’s website. The first 1,000 units have already sold out, but more will hit the market in the spring.

Handheld Meditation Instructor

Core’s new meditation trainer is designed to help users enhance their sessions in the most seamless way possible. The handheld device uses pulses, vibrations, and biofeedback to guide individuals through meditations. 

Core also integrates with a smartphone app so that users can track their progress for different types of sessions. The app measures stress levels, calmness, and focus by tracking heart rate and heart rate variability. Currently, the Core device is available for $169 plus a recurring subscription fee for access to the mediation trainings. 

At-Home Stroke Recovery

Dimension Robotics has developed a device to help stroke victims recover and rebuild crucial neural connections without costly physical therapy. Named Dr. CaRo, the gadget consists of a motorized robotic arm and a 23-inch display for showing entertaining training exercises. 

Patients can switch back and forth between assistive and resistive modes to focus on different aspects of their recoveries. From the comforts of their home, individuals can supplement recovery plans with their own exercises. 

The First Foldable PC

Foldable devices appear to be making a comeback as companies like Samsung, Motorola, and Apple are bringing smartphones with bendable screens to market. At CES 2020, Lenovo showed off the first foldable PC, the ThinkPad X1 Fold, which comes with a 13.3-inch display and magnetic keyboard.

The ThinkPad X1 Fold costs $2,499 and promises unprecedented portability for a device that offers PC capabilities. The jury, however, is still out on whether or not the public is ready for or interested in foldable laptops. 

A Rolling Robotic Companion

Samsung has taken inspiration from the Star Wars’ playbook. The company’s new Ballie device looks like a mini, yellow BB-8 and shares some personal assistant capabilities.

Ballie comes with cameras and sensors that enable it to follow owners around and control smart home features on-the-go. Additionally, the robotic companion can take pictures, send updates about the home while humans are away, and also serve as a fitness assistant. 

With Ballie, Samsung is breathing more life and personality to smart home devices. Alexa better watch out. Or find some legs. 


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