Tesla introduces $39,900, 250-mile range Cybertruck

Tesla introduces Cybertruck for $39,900 with a 250 mile range.
Image: Tesla

On Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the company’s first electric pickup, called the Cybertruck, at a Los Angeles event. The executive showed off the vehicle’s unusual trapezoid design, burnished metal exterior, and remarkable damage resistance. The billionaire also offered details on the automobile’s technical specifications, design, and revealed that it will retail for $39,900 in the United States.

Cybertruck Specs

Musk took the stage and was greeted by an ecstatic crowd. The entrepreneur spoke about stagnation within the consumer truck sector and his company’s ambition to shake things up. If nothing else, the company’s flashy and hard-hitting presentation showed that its electric pickup is unlike anything else currently on the market.

In addition to its appealing price, the Cybertruck has some impressive specs. The standard rear-wheel-drive edition of the vehicle has a range of 250 miles, 7,500 pounds in towing capacity, and 100 cubic feet of storage. It can also go from 0 to 60 mph in a crisp 6.5 seconds.

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During the event, Musk didn’t say when the vehicle would go into production. However, the carmaker’s website indicates that it will begin assembling Cybertrucks in 2021. Moreover, the firm’s website allows interested buyers to place orders for the futuristic-looking transport now.

Furthermore, Tesla will be offering an all-wheel-drive, 300-mile range version of its pickup that boasts 10,000 pounds of towing capacity. The $49,000 dual motor iteration of the transport can hit 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

Lastly, the Fremont, California automaker will sell a $69,900 tri-motor all-wheel-drive Cybertruck that can tow 14,000 pounds. That variety of the vehicle will run 500 miles before needing a recharge. However, Tesla won’t start making the deluxe edition of its latest creation until 2022. It will presumably want to see if there is in fact a market for the base models first.

Unconventional Design

The executive explained that the undeniably futuristic Cybertruck has two main design inspirations. Specifically, he mentioned Ridley Scott’s 1982 science fiction film “Blade Runner” and the 1977 James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Previously, Musk said that his company’s first pickup would resemble “an armored personnel carrier from the future.”

In reality, Tesla’s first electric truck resembles the customized Lotus Esprit featured in “Spy” crossed with a classic Delorean. With its burnished metal exterior, black windows, and hard angles, the transport eschews the last 40 years of American truck design. The hard-edged automobile also possesses an unusually high degree of damage resistance.

During the launch event, Musk had Tesla Chief Designer Franz Von Holzhausen demonstrated the transport’s impressive durability. At one point, he repeatedly slammed a sledgehammer into the vehicle’s driver side door to no visible effect.

Tesla reveals Cybertruck
Image: Tesla

Indeed, Musk noted that the truck is made with the same stainless steel alloy as SpaceX’s Starship. He also claimed that the electric pickup could withstand 9mm gunfire.

Unfortunately, Tesla’s presentation took a turn for the embarrassing when Musk attempted to boast about his new creation’s armored windows. Von Holzhausen hurled a metal ball at two of them, which caused both to shatter. In response, the CEO addressed the problem by saying that the company would “fix it in post.”

Right now, it’s hard to say if Tesla’s entrance into the truck market will be successful. On one hand, its new vehicle has a robust, novel allure. Yet, that won’t be the case in 2021 when rivals like Ford and Rivian unveil their electric pickups. Moreover, even the CEO predicted that the Cybertruck’s unique design might hurt its initial demand.

Still, as Tesla’s record quarterly sales proved last month, it doesn’t pay to bet against Elon Musk.