tagSpace turns live events into unforgettable 3D experiences


According to a recent Nielsen study, Millennials are 26 percent more likely to attend a live event than other generations. Furthermore, the study found that members of that cohort spend an average of $100 more at a concert, festival, or community event. However, it’s also worth noting that America’s largest consumer demographic listens to around 33.5 hours of music per week.

As such, promoters targeting 23 to 38-year-olds need to provide customers with more than just quality entertainment. They need to offer consumers genuinely memorable experiences. Australian augmented reality startup tagSpace gives organizers the tools to create unforgettable occasions.

Functional Augmented Reality

In the past, augmented reality tools have seemed like a fun diversion. People downloaded apps for their smartphones that overlay 3D objects on their camera view. For instance, Pokémon Go became a massive global hit because it brought iconic fictional pocket monsters to the real world. However, tagSpace’s augmented reality tools serve a host of different functions at live event spaces.

By using the firm’s turn-key platform, clients can generate visible text, audio, and video tags throughout the event space with a smartphone camera. Instead of relying on a paper map, attendees can look around and see huge 3D signs indicating the location of bathrooms, food and drink stands, and merchandise booths. Plus, since the startup uses motion-tracking tech that’s accurate up to 1 mm, fans will never get lost while navigating their favorite festivals.

Furthermore, the company’s virtual tags are automatically updated, which allows concertgoers to keep tabs on performance and exhibition start times. As such, attendees of tagSpace-enhanced concerts don’t have to worry about missing the song they traveled hundreds of miles to hear live. They can also use the platform’s virtual tags to highlight the location of entrances and exits, which helps make large outdoor events safer and more secure.

Gamifying the Touring Experience

tagSpace’s immersion and engagement boosting products aren’t just applicable to live events. Users can leverage the company’s products to craft unforgettable touring experiences. For instance, a burgeoning tour guide company can send customers on virtually annotated journeys anywhere in the world. Plus, participants can read interesting facts about historical locations and also watch videos explaining their significance.

Using the company’s cutting-edge tools, administrators can even send customers on scavenger hunts that seamlessly blend real and virtual elements. Groups can compete to collect digital items by following clues that 3D animated objects and characters provide. Whether it’s a corporate teambuilding exercise or a vacation diversion, playing a “real-life” video game is an exhilarating experience.

Robust Real-Time Analytics

In addition to significantly enhancing live events and touring experiences, tagSpace’s products also provide robust real-time analytics. As such, clients can access fully customizable dashboards that display real-time user numbers and impressions, demographic breakdowns, completion rates, and much more. Using that information, companies can refine their operations to ensure high rates of consumer satisfaction.

For instance, decision-makers can review a walking tour’s statistics to see which notable points capture visitors’ attention. Similarly, managers can learn if a specific section of a scavenger hunt causes a majority of users to disengage. Moreover, the firm’s software compiles data automatically, so companies don’t have to waste time or money surveying attendees to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

tagSpace is one of the featured startups at RISE 2019. Attendees interested in bringing their live event or touring businesses to the next level should check out its display.