Sony introduces wireless turntable, mixing the old with the new

Sony introduces new Bluetooth turntable at CES 2019
Photo courtesy of Sony

In this day and age, trends from the past often make comebacks. One of the most popular trends that has recently made a comeback are vinyl records, but now, with a modern twist.

Last week at CES, Sony unveiled the PS-LX310BT, a wireless turntable that allows vinyl lovers to listen to their favorite records, but with updated technology that will allow turntable owners to have the best of both worlds.

How it Works

The turntable allows music lovers to play records from the device over speakers, which are used with Bluetooth. In addition to the Bluetooth option, there is also a USB port that is included and speakers can be set up on the turntable as well—if the listener decides they want to listen the old-fashioned way.

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There are three audio settings—high, medium and low—and also features an automatic tonearm. The tonearm lowers itself and finds the record’s groove, which then will start the music quickly. Once the record is over, the tonearm lifts and goes back to its original position.

Old vs. New

Why do people like listening to vinyl? There are so many endless options for listening to music these days, so why would someone rather spend money on records, when they can just choose a song on their iPhone and listen to it through a Bluetooth speaker?

For decades, vinyl listeners have claimed that listening to music on records just sounds better. A reason for this is because when music is converted to streaming services or MP3 files, the tracks are compressed so that they are the right size for uploading. When the files are compressed, small details are removed and the listener isn’t able to hear the full song. With vinyl records, the details are all there and the listener can hear every small component of a song, which can make for a whole different experience when listening to music.

Now with technological advances, vinyl lovers will have the luxury of hearing all of those details, but without all of the wires that come with it.

The Future of Turntables

Sony isn’t the only company out there that is paving the way for wireless turntables. In addition to the company’s reveal at CES, other audio and tech companies are joining Sony and also releasing wireless turntables. Some, such as Victrola’s wireless model, are even wooden, giving the old-time record player feel, which is different than Sony’s sleek design. Check out photos of the Sony PS-LX310BT here.

As of right now, there is no pricing information available in the U.S., but it will be available for purchase in the U.K. for £200 beginning in April. Other similar models cost between $100-$150.