New ‘Star Wars’ Galaxy Note 10+ lets fans join the dark side

Samsung is dropping an all-new Star Wars themed Galaxy Note 10+.
Image: Samsung

Ever since the “Star Wars” franchise launched in the late 70s, its popularity hasn’t waned. In fact, with new movies, new characters, and new video games, it is only getting more popular with age. Samsung is banking on that fact with a special edition Galaxy Note 10+ that’s complete with Kylo Ren-inspired details and colors.

For iPhone users, it marks the perfect opportunity to switch to Android and join the dark side. For current Samsung owners, there’s no better excuse to upgrade than this slick special edition of the company’s flagship phone.

Ready for December

“Star Wars” fans are counting down until the December 20 release of the next iteration in the franchise, “The Rise of Skywalker.” While the movie will mark the end of a major storyline, it is hardly the end of it all. As such, getting a new “Star Wars” themed phone prior to the release will certainly appeal to some enthusiastic fans.

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The special edition Galaxy Note 10+ will debut in the United States on December 13 for $1,299.99. Notably, that’s just a few hundred dollars more expensive than the standard edition. It’s worth mentioning that the Ren-themed phone doesn’t have any extra functionality beyond the regular Note 10+. However, the exclusive “Star Wars” goodies and the bragging rights will make the price tag worth it.

Nonetheless, it is certainly something that fans will want to get their hands on come December as “Star Wars” fever reaches its peak.

The Dark Side Never Looked So Good

Everything about this phone is trying to tempt faithful Jedi towards the dark side. From the Kylo Ren box to a free leather phone case bearing his image, there’s nothing not to love here.

The phone itself is black, complete with red trimming around the buttons and rear camera and features Ren’s symbol on the back. Meanwhile, the included stylus comes in bright red, no doubt inspired by Ren’s lightsaber. It’s slightly reminiscent of the lightsaber Nintendo DS styluses that many “Star Wars” fans will remember.

Image: Samsung

Also inside the box is a special edition pair of Galaxy Buds. The earphones themselves are black, but the charging case comes with a sleek red interior to match the theme. Finally, buyers will get a Kylo Ren “metal badge.”

In terms of software, the special edition phone comes with an array of “Star Wars” sounds, icons, wallpapers, and even special shutdown animations.

The bundle will be available in several other countries, including Australia, France, Germany, the U.K., Korea, Russia, Spain, and more on December 10, a few days earlier than the U.S. launch. Regardless of where fans are located, they’ll need to be ready to purchase this phone quickly. Once it goes on sale it won’t last long.