Samsung’s new Smart Monitor is a TV with some PC features

Samsung's new Smart Monitor is like a smart TV but also a PC.
Image: Samsung

Much of today’s tech puts an emphasis on multi-tasking. That’s true of Samsung’s new all-in-one Smart Monitor. The nifty display is essentially a Tizen-powered smart TV. However, it has the form factor of a monitor and the desktop capabilities to go with it.

The display also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wireless DeX support. There really isn’t much that it can’t do. Anyone looking for one monitor that can handle work, entertainment, and gaming should consider Samsung’s latest creation.

Do It All Display

There is a lot to break down with the new Smart Monitor. Perhaps the best place to start is its monitor features. The display has plenty of ports that allow it to connect to a variety of gadgets.

Consumers will find up to three HDMI 2.0 ports (depending on the model) as well as a USB-C port. The latter allows the monitor to connect to a laptop for things like display sharing, data transfer, and even power.

Of course, the display’s wireless capabilities are what make it shine. It supports DeX connections, Samsung’s in-house platform that turns a Galaxy smartphone into a desktop. Anyone with a Galaxy S8 or newer can use the feature. However, it will work best with one of Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note devices thanks to their powerful hardware. Users can also mirror a Samsung phone to the Smart Monitor by tapping it against a built-in NFC tag in the top-right corner.

The display supports Bluetooth 4.2, making it easy to connect a mouse, keyboard, and other accessories.

Thanks to its many connectivity features, the Smart Monitor gives consumers a lot of flexibility. It also blurs the lines between smartphone and desktop—something that Samsung has been trying to achieve with DeX for several years.

When you don’t want to connect another device to the display, it is capable of handling a few tasks independently. For instance, the Smart Monitor can run Office 365 through a virtual machine without being connected to another device. That’s a pretty impressive feat that helps it stand out from other monitors on the market.

Monitor for Entertainment

Samsung’s new Smart Monitor isn’t just about productivity. As mentioned, the display is powered by Samsung’s Tizen OS. That’s the same software found on its lineup of smart TVs.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see how the Smart Monitor functions similarly to a smart TV. It features native support for entertainment apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more. This lets you watch your favorite shows without connecting the monitor to a laptop or phone.

Consumers looking for even more functionality can access additional apps through the platform’s app store.

Given the Smart Monitor’s entertainment features, it wouldn’t be complete without audio gear. Fortunately, the display is equipped with two 5W speakers and has built-in support for Bixby 2.0, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Although Apple fans aren’t the primary audience for the Smart Monitor, Samsung is even including support for AirPlay 2. That means it is compatible with other Apple devices and could be useful for iPhone owners. Still, the Smart Monitor is probably best for those who already own Samsung hardware.

The new display comes in several sizes and is expected to ship in a few weeks. The M5 lineup features a 27-inch model for $230 and a 32-inch model for $280. Meanwhile, the M7 is a 32-inch 4K monitor that will cost $400. The latter is expected to arrive in early December.


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