Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 arrives this month for $2,000

Samsung's Galaxy Fold 2 arrives later this month and will cost $2,000.
Image: Samsung

A few years ago, the idea of paying $2,000 for a smartphone would have been absurd. Today, it is a reality. Samsung recently announced new details about its upcoming foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, including its price.

The device costs a whopping $1,999.99 and is available for preorders starting Tuesday. It will ship on September 18.

Samsung has struck a deal with all three major carriers in the U.S.—Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile—who will support the Z Fold 2. Meanwhile, Samsung will also sell an unlocked version on its website.

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Meet the Z Fold 2

Folding smartphones have had an up-and-down reception. Samsung’s original Galaxy Fold was met with harsh criticism after initial review units fell apart prior to its release. Every indication suggests that the second version is much sturdier. The new device features a myriad of improvements over the first-generation smartphone.

For one, the so-called “cover display” now measures in at 6.2 inches. That’s a noticeable change that should make the Fold 2 feel like a premium device. Still, the screen is a lot narrower than many smartphone displays with pixel dimensions of 2260 x 816. It will be interesting to see how usable that ratio is in the real world.

The interior display has also been upgraded in several ways. Instead of a flimsy plastic screen like the one found in the original Fold, the Fold 2 boasts Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) technology. It was first found in the company’s Z Flip folding phone and appears to be far more durable than a plastic display. The inner screen is a roomy 7.6 inches and has ditched the multi-camera cutout. Instead, consumers will find a single hole punch for a selfie camera.

Meanwhile, the inner display features a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. That’s on par with recent flagship releases from Samsung, Asus, and OnePlus. The increased refresh rate could be a major advantage for the Fold 2 since the original version suffered from inconsistent refreshing from one screen to the other.

Another major upgrade to the Fold 2 is its hinge. It has been an area of focus for Samsung since the initial Galaxy Fold revealed the weaknesses of its own hinge. Fortunately, the firm appears to have made some breakthroughs. The Z Fold 2’s hinge has four cams to increase its rigidity. It also features elastic “sweeper” brushes to keep dirt and debris from getting in and causing damage.

Pricing Woes?

The smartphone market is already struggling due to fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems like there couldn’t be a worse time to release a $2,000 phone. However, Samsung is doing it anyway.

The company also realizes that the Z Fold 2 isn’t a phone for everyone. This differs from its approach with the original Fold. Given the prohibitively high price tag, Samsung is positioning its latest dual-screen device as a luxury item. At $2,000 the price certainly fits that mold.

However, its features fall short. Consumers can get much more powerful devices for a fraction of the price. Ultimately, buying a Z Fold 2 is more about owning something unique and innovative than getting the best bang for your buck.


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