A blast from the past: foldable phones are making a return

Samsung foldable phone
Courtesy of Samsung US

It may seem like a lifetime ago, but there was a day when flip phones were the most popular cell phone on the market. Well, it’s possible that trend could take over the mobile industry again in the near future, as Samsung announced and showed specs of their newest product—the phone that is both a tablet and cellular device—that folds in half.

Named the Galaxy F as of Nov. 12 and not expected to hit the shelves until March 2019, the phone is the most futuristic of its kind, and will be much like a two-in-one device. The president of Samsung, Koh Dong-jin (who runs all things mobile for the technology company), is already predicting that the shipment volume for the release of the one part tablet and one part smartphone will be massive—with at least one million orders within the first half of the year.

Tech and Specs

Yes, the most interesting thing as of now and what’s making headlines is that the phone is foldable, but what else does it have to offer? Since the phone will be opened and closed most likely thousands of times, a glass screen is not very practical and will get scratched and potentially cracked. Instead, a new material will be produced. The display uses a polymer that is described as both flexible as well as tough, and it will be made with an adhesive that laminates the materials together that allows the phone to flex when folded—different than what current Galaxy devices are made from.

The screen also will be a reasonable size. The internal display of the Galaxy F will be 7.3 inches, and the second display (which is called the cover display) will be the phone portion of the device at 4.68 inches. The resolution of the internal display is 1536 x 2152, whereas the cover display’s resolution is 840 x 1960.

It Won’t be Cheap

As of right now, the only thing holding back the phone is the steep price. Currently, the newest Galaxy product, the Galaxy Note costs around $1,000 depending on the wireless carrier. The Galaxy F will run upwards of $1,700—much more than any other phone on the market right now. But, since the technology will be so advanced and as of now no other mobile company, including Apple, has announced anything of its kind, the company is not worried about the sales of the smartphone. The price is still estimated, but given the advanced technology, the price seems fairly accurate.  

Other New Samsung Upgrades

In addition to the announcement of the Galaxy F, the tech giant also revealed that Samsung will add 5G capabilities to their products, although the F is not going to be supported with 5G at this time. It will be added to the Galaxy S10 that will be released in February 2019, a month before the game-changing phone’s debut.