Ring’s new $60 Video Doorbell Wired is its cheapest ever

Ring's new Video Doorbell Wired is its cheapest ever.
Image: Ring

Ring’s video doorbells are known far and wide as some of the most popular smart home gadgets on the market. They help users add a layer of security to their home and also make it easier to interact with guests and delivery people from afar. Not to mention, there are countless hilarious videos of visitors not knowing the doorbell is equipped with a camera.

Now, Ring has unveiled its newest video doorbell, which also happens to be its cheapest ever. Dubbed the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, it retails for just $60. Even so, it offers the same features as the company’s more expensive wireless models.

Hardwired Smart Home

It’s worth noting that most of Ring’s video doorbell lineup works wirelessly. This makes it easy for anyone to install the device with a few screws and some patience. The new Ring Video Doorbell Wired, as the name implies, can only be used when it is hardwired into your home.

Depending on the target buyer, that could be a significant concession or a relatively minor one. Those who are handy with home improvement could easily install the doorbell by following the directions that come with it. Homeowners that don’t mind paying a professional could also get the doorbell installed. Of course, at that point, it may be cheaper to just buy one of the wireless models.

People who live in a home that is already outfitted with a wired doorbell should have no problem making the swap. If you find yourself in that position or are up for the challenge of installing it yourself, the Video Doorbell Wired offers great value at just $60. That’s a significant discount compared to the updated Video Doorbell released last year that costs $100.

Same Features, Better Price

As noted, the new Video Doorbell Wired is essentially the same device as the wireless Video Doorbell. It still features 1080p video, night vision, and custom motion detection zones, The Verge notes.

It is also compatible with Ring Protect subscriptions add-on Ring Protect subscriptionthat store video footage for a longer time and include 24/7 professional monitoring.

The new doorbell features two-way audio and live streaming so you can use it to communicate with people outside your home. It goes without saying that the Video Doorbell Wired interfaces nicely with Alexa and works with all of Amazon’s other smart home products.

Aside from its price, another nice perk of the Video Doorbell Wired is its size. Since it doesn’t need a built-in battery pack, it is much sleeker than the wireless version. It is also Ring’s smallest video doorbell to date.

Those who are interested in the new Video Doorbell Wired can preorder it through Amazon or Ring’s website. It will officially launch online and in stores on February 24. At launch, it will only be available at Home Depot. However, availability will expand to include other retailers on March 26. For those looking to upgrade their smart home, this is one of the best ways to do so.


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