Revolution smart toaster brings bread into the digital age

Revolution's smart toaster makes perfect toast every time.
Image: Revolution Cooking

Most people aren’t thinking about smart gadgets while they make breakfast. Sure, Google’s Nest Hub could display a recipe for some eggs Benedict. Maybe a smart watch tracks their steps as they walk around the kitchen. Still, not many small kitchen appliances are “smart.”

Yet, somehow, a smart toaster is a solution to a problem that most people don’t realize they have. Although it isn’t for everyone, the Revolution Cooking R180 boasts a touchscreen and cooks your favorite bread products to the perfect color every time.

The Smart Little Toaster

If you told someone ten years ago that your toaster is powered by algorithms, they’d look at you like an alien. However, that’s exactly what the Revolution smart toaster is. It uses a proprietary new heating method and a dizzying number of choices to perfectly cook any type of bread product.

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With a normal toaster, it can be frustrating to find the right setting. What works well for a piece of toast might leave you with a half-raw bagel. That same setting might turn the inside of a toaster pastry into molten lava. Even so, most people leave the dial alone and deal with the results because finding the perfect setting for each item is practically impossible.

With Revolution’s smart toaster, it’s a breeze. The appliance’s generously-sized screen lets users choose exactly what they want based on color, not a vague number. You can also choose which bread item is in the toaster and its algorithms will automatically calibrate the heating level to the right degree.

Speaking of, the Revolution toaster uses diamond coil heating, a new method that eliminates the 1900s-style heating coils that toasters have been using since then. This both speeds up the toasting process and decreases Revolution’s power consumption. It also ensures that the item inside receives heat evenly throughout.

Perhaps the most mesmerizing feature is how the toaster ejects the bread item once it is browned. There isn’t a cheap plastic lever anywhere to be found. Instead, the toast is slowly raised from the toaster like a pop star at a concert. It’s almost like an invisible tractor beam is pulling it upwards.

Not Built for Connectivity

Although almost everything about the Revolution smart toaster is over the top it is also sensibly designed. For example, it doesn’t have the connectivity features of some other smart kitchen appliances like ovens and refrigerators. Although it sounds like a smart toaster would be an Internet of Things (IoT) gadget, it isn’t.

After all, there isn’t much more that you can accomplish by connecting your toaster to your smartphone or digital assistant.

Nonetheless, Revolution is a luxury toaster through and through. Its $300 price tag confirms that. Accordingly, this isn’t going to be something found in everyone’s kitchen. For those that can’t get enough bread, however, it is certainly an intriguing item to consider.

Of course, there is also nothing wrong with simply getting a good laugh out of this, enjoying a slightly undercooked bagel, and moving on with your day.


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