REPerformance turns working out into a competition

REPerformanceapp is the newest and baddest fitness app on the block

Working out is hard. There’s no way around that. Squats. Deadlifts. Bench. The routine nature of it all can make it downright boring at times.

What’s worse? How about stepping on those steps on the Stair Master or running “laps” on a treadmill that’s never going anywhere? Yes, completing endless hours of cardiovascular and strength training produces tangible quality outcomes, but the distance between effort and gains can be exhausting.

Indeed, boredom with a set exercise routine is one of the main reasons people decide to give up on their fitness goals.

That’s all about to change with a new app and platform from Canadian startup, REPerformance. Their fitness app of the same name offers a novel solution to the problem of exercise tedium. It combines health tracking with a little bit of friendly competition.

Now, who doesn’t like a good challenge to stoke the fires of competition while staying in shape and making gains?

Making Your Workout a Game

Reperformance’s mobile application effectively turns users’ workouts into a fun game. After players create an account, they’re automatically sorted into different lifestyle groups: Active, Fit, Athlete, or Elite. The company established these different categories so everyone is on a level playing field, regardless of individual fitness level.

Each week, members login and are presented with a selection of different workout challenges. These challenges involve speed, strength, stamina, endurance and anything else fitness related one can think of.

To participate in a challenge, users sign-up, go to the gym and record their performance. In this way, players know the scores recorded on the app’s leaderboard are legitimate.  By gamifying workout routines, it provides subscribers with the motivation to keep pursuing their fitness goals. Plus, the app has a social aspect, letting members compare their personal best with their friends, family, and social media competition.

Furthermore, REPerformance exposes users to a range of different workout types. For example, players that struggle with high rep exercises can test their strength with deadlift challenges. Conversely, members can build their stamina by engaging in shoulder press competitions. The program gives users the variety they need to stick with their exercise routines on a long term basis.

Also, the app provides REPerformance members with regular report cards. With their biometric information recorded, users can track increases in endurance, speed, strength, and stamina in real time. Accordingly, athletes and those aspiring to stay fit don’t need to wonder if all their hard work is paying off in terms of improved physical performance.

Win Prizes to Get Healthier

REPerformance’s gamification of personal fitness goes well beyond just pitting people against one another. After submitting a workout clip, the app awards players with a certain number of credits. When they accrue enough credits, members can exchange them for stylish activewear and high-quality workout supplements.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found material incentives can help people commit to exercising regularly. In other words, who doesn’t want to earn some righteous swag with all the work they are doing in the gym and on the track? And as one makes gains, what’s a healthier motivator for sticking with an exercise regimen than new workout clothes?

The app also gives users the opportunity to support a host of good causes. Players can compete in challenges to raise money for a variety of charitable causes. As such, the program’s subscribers’ not only improve their physical health, they also help make the world a better place.

Score Some Bragging Rights

Not only is REPerformance great on an individual level to keep one motivated and moving, but its challenge component also creates an ecosystem of fitness without comparison.

This app can be used to develop challenges between fraternity houses, sororities, and other clubs on college campuses. But one shouldn’t stop here with intramural comps. The app will also work by creating challenges across countries as universities can challenge one another to a squat challenge, or frat chapters challenge respective houses to a bit of friendly bro lifting.

REPerformance has already tested this challenge dynamic on their app, and in the process got entire student bodies to move more and thus become a better, healthier version of themselves.

REPerformance Will Move You

In the two years since its launch, the app has cultivated a devoted following. Columbus Blue Jackets Captain Nick Foligno, Minnesota Wild Left Wing Marcus Foligno, and Canadian National Hockey Team Forward Rebecca Johnston are all big fans of the program. These elite athletes utilize the program to make their conditioning fun instead of tiresome.

Those looking to get healthier, but are in need a bit of motivation, should look no further than REPerformance.