Razer’s new Pro Type and Pro Click are perfect for working from home

Razer's Pro Type and Pro Click are perfect for a home office.
Image: Razer

Over the years, Razer has built a reputation for making incredible gear for gamers. However, many people also use its devices for non-gaming purposes. Writers may seek out a mechanical keyboard that can survive millions of keystrokes while others want an ergonomic mouse that prevents wrist strain.

Razer, it seems, is finally acknowledging that people use its products for other activities—including work. It recently debuted the Pro Type and Pro Click, a mechanical keyboard and wireless mouse that are specifically designed for the office. Right now, they are the perfect accessories for a home office.

Powerhouse Keyboard

There are no RGB lights or flashy features to be found on the Pro Type. However, this mechanical keyboard has everything you need while working from home.

Pro Type is a full-sized keyboard—including a number pad—that’s outfitted with Razer’s typical orange key switches. It says that these provide a “quieter, yet tactile experience.”

The word “quieter” should be taken with a grain of salt. Although this keyboard is quieter than some of Razer’s other models, it’s probably a bit too clicky for a communal office. Right now, that isn’t an issue. For anyone working from home, it offers an extremely satisfying typing experience.

The whole point of the new Pro series is to give consumers products that live up to Razer’s standards without looking too out-of-place. The Pro Type accomplishes this perfectly. Its anodized aluminum case makes it the perfect addition to an all-silver or all-white setup.

Meanwhile, white per-key backlighting creates a gentle glow over the keyboard and makes it feel like a premium accessory—something that it indeed is.

The Pro Type can connect to the computer wirelessly using either Bluetooth or the included 2.4GHz adapter. It is also rechargeable via USB-C. The keyboard, which is now available, retails for $139.99. That price point is about on par with Razer’s other full-size models.

Get Clicking

The real star of the show is the new Pro Click mouse. It was designed in collaboration with Humanscale to ensure it features the best ergonomics on the market. The Pro Click strategically positions your wrist at a 30-degree angle. Razer and Humanscale say this helps prevent discomfort and overuse injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

The mouse is large, but not unwieldy and features a convenient thumb rest on the left side for right-handed users. Unfortunately, lefties are out of luck.

The Pro Click sports Razer’s 5G optical sensor with up to 16,000 DPI sensitivity. That’s outrageous for an office mouse. While no one will be using the highest sensitivity setting to navigate a spreadsheet, it could come in handy for some off-hours gaming.

It has a battery life of up to 400 hours and recharges via mini-USB. That’s somewhat disappointing considering that the Pro Type charges with a USB-C attachment.

On the bright side, the Pro Click can pair with up to four different devices for easy switching. It also has eight independently programmable buttons. This is incredibly handy and can help create some awesome shortcuts.

The Pro Click is also available now and retails for $99.99.


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