Razer’s Kiyo Pro webcam is built for streamers and remote workers

Razer's new Kiyo Pro webcam is great for streamers and remote workers.
Image: Razer

Prior to 2020, webcams were on the path to obscurity. Most people who needed a webcam made do with the one built into their laptop (despite its poor quality). The market for those that needed a webcam of higher quality was rather limited. Then, the pandemic changed everything.

As remote work, virtual meetings, and online hobbies have become the norm, people are spending more time in front of their webcam than ever before. That’s plenty of incentive to invest in one with higher quality.

The shift is also evident in Razer’s latest product, the Kiyo Pro. It’s the company’s second attempt at making a webcam and is far better than its predecessor. The Kiyo Pro is a solid all-around device for streamers and remote workers alike.

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Second Time’s the Charm

Razer’s original Kiyo webcam is almost embarrassing. The device was a good idea in theory thanks to a built-in ring light. However, in real life, it wasn’t bright enough to make a difference, had poor quality, and was very clunky.

It’s clear that Razer took cues from 2020 while designing the Kiyo Pro. The updated webcam got rid of the gimmicky ring light and opted for a more flexible design and wider lens. Accordingly, it can capture full 1080p HD 60fps shots.

Perhaps more interesting is the integrated Sony commercial sensor that is typically reserved for security cameras. This helps the Kiyo Pro capture great footage in low-light situations. For video game streamers, who often play in a room lit only by colored LEDs, this is a very attractive feature.

In terms of design, the refreshed Kiyo Pro is a lot nicer than the previous model. It connects to your computer with a USB-C cable, which facilitates higher-quality video and is also more compatible with today’s devices. Moreover, the cable is completely detachable. This means you can rest assured knowing the camera is off when you aren’t using it and also makes it easier to store.

Meanwhile, the camera’s base lets you place it somewhere to stand on its own or secure it on your monitor. That flexibility is great for someone that likes to move around the house with their laptop throughout the day.

Work and Play

Razer’s gaming accessories have been selling well for years. However, the company is in the midst of a push into the business hardware market as well.

Throughout the past year, it has released a number of devices that are specifically designed for people working from home. That includes the Pro Type mechanical keyboard and Pro Click mouse which come in a muted but classy white color palette.

Earlier this month, Razer released two new Chroma docks that convert a laptop into a functioning desktop at a moment’s notice.

While the Kiyo Pro is certainly geared towards video game streamers, it is also a solid overall webcam for those working remotely. It will compete directly with Logitech, which owns the lion’s share of the webcam market. The device gives consumers another option to choose from and is worth considering if you plan to work from home long-term or want to start a gaming channel.


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