Razer introduces Anzu smart glasses with built-in audio

Razer's new Anzu smart glasses are perfect for working remotely.
Image: Razer

When Bose introduced a pair of glasses that plays music a few years back, consumers weren’t sure how to take it. Simply put, the idea was too novel for most people to wrap their minds around. Now, smart glasses are starting to become more popular thanks to sleek designs and partnerships between tech companies and fashion brands like Ray-Ban.

On Thursday, Razer announced that it is diving into the audio eyewear space with a pair of smart glasses called Anzu. The glasses feature blue light protection, touch controls, and open-ear audio. Razer is offering two styles (each with two size options) of its new smart glasses. They retail for $200 and are available now.

General Specs

At this point, it’s difficult to judge how Razer’s new Anzu glasses stack up against models from competitors like Bose and Amazon. However, the glasses certainly have the specs to be relevant.

They boast 16mm custom-tuned drivers on either side to deliver clear music and crisp audio during voice calls. A downfall of smart glasses in general is that they don’t usually sound great. That’s easy to understand considering they can’t beam music directly into your ears.

In terms of design, Razer is launching two versions of its Anzu glasses, one has rectangular lenses and the other has round ones. Each style comes in a small and large size, making the glasses a better fit on any face.

Unfortunately, the glasses are still a bit bulky. The smaller frames weigh 43 grams, which is noticeably heavier than the Echo Frames.

Razer’s Anzu glasses also feature a splashproof IPX4 rating, have a five-hour battery life, include touch controls, and are compatible with voice assistants.

Seeing is Hearing

For those who are working remotely, having to wear a pair of headphones or earbuds all day gets old quickly. A pair of smart glasses could be a much more comfortable alternative for those that are already used to having something on their face.

Razer has been diversifying its lineup of accessories from strictly gaming peripherals to devices that can also be used at other times. That’s evident in its Anzu glasses. Although they are fairly similar to most other audio glasses on the market, adding blue light filtering gives the Anzu a classic Razer spin. The company says that the feature protects your eyes from screens—whether you’re gaming or working on the computer.

Moreover, the glasses feature Razer’s 60-millisecond low-latency tech. That could make the glasses a more enjoyable peripheral for videoconferences since it virtually eliminates wireless audio lag.

The design of the Anzu glasses is also unique. Each arm houses its own true wireless speaker. This differs from other models that try to hide a wire in the hinges. It also means that each arm needs to be charged separately. Fortunately, Razer designed a proprietary charger for its smart glasses to take care of the job.

A final feature to note is that the Anzu glasses come with a pair of UV polarized lenses that can be popped in to turn them into sunglasses. Consumers can also order prescription lenses thanks to Razer’s partnership with Lensabl.

The Razer Anzu smart glasses aren’t for everyone. However, anyone that’s tired of wearing headphones or earbuds while working from home could find them very attractive.


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