Posture360’s smart products can help fix the world’s back problems

Posture360 seeks to restore balance to life.
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One of the best things about the digitization of society is that information and media are more accessible than ever before. However, that newfound ease of access has caused a worrisome rise in posture-related health issues. Due to the popularity of consumer electronics, streaming video services, and social media, one in four Americans now sits for an average of eight hours a day with sitting regarded as the new smoking.

Because we spend most of our time hunched over desktops at work, laptops at home, and smartphones in our free time, back pain has become the world’s leading cause of disability. Fortunately, Posture360 offers innovative smart products and services that can help people optimize their posture and avoid debilitating back problems.

Optimizing Posture Morning, Day, and Night

Posture360 takes a holistic approach to help consumers fix their bad posture. Indeed, the firm aims to help its customers optimize their posture morning, day, and night.

The startup utilizes a hybrid product and software platform solution to aid people in properly aligning their bodies beginning with the launch of their much anticipated Smart Posture Apparel and Smart Posture Seat. The company’s products are divided into four categories: “Sit,” “Sleep,” “Move,” and “Gear.”

Its Sit collection features premium cushions that are designed to correct bad posture holistically. By providing postural support, the innovative cushions allow owners to sleep better, feel less fatigued, and maintain a positive mental outlook.

Similarly, its Sleep product line provides purchasers with a range of physical benefits. For example, the Obedo neck pillow offers crucial support when users nap, read, or work. Moreover, the Happy Hip leg pillows can help pregnant women and acid reflux sufferers sleep comfortably.

Posture360 also offers two backpacks that make carrying books, laptops, and other materials much more manageable. By adequately distributing their contents and providing lumbar support, the durable gear can make a student’s load-bearing classroom transit considerably less painful.

Furthermore, the company offers shoe inserts, self-massage tools, and travel pillows to broaden its range of postural support.

Postural Support Platform

The startup’s innovative posture optimizing products represent only half of its offerings. Working with medical professionals, the company has developed a software platform that provides postural support that meets customers’ unique physical needs.

Posture360’s patented Alex Plus wearable and mobile app help users make good posture a lifelong habit. The lightweight device gathers biometric data in real-time. Armed with that information, the app coaches individuals and offers tips to correct posture and strengthen their necks and backs.

As such, the platform helps prevent users from developing debilitating illnesses like tech neck. A digital age ailment, tech neck is caused by staring down at electronic device screens and encourages poor posture.

Initially, the condition causes sufferers to experience muscle cramps, stiffness, and headaches. However, if left untreated, the disorder can cause limb numbness and permanent spinal column damage.

Additionally, sitting for long stretches is terrible for a person’s health. According to the Mayo Clinic, excessive sitting can increase a person’s risk factor for developing high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. However, individuals can mitigate the adverse effects of prolonged sitting by periodically standing up and walking around.

When users spend too much time sitting, the Alex Plus device will vibrate as a reminder to sit up straight.

Used in tandem with its wellness products, Posture360’s digital platform can do more than aid individuals in optimizing their posture. Notably, it can help people lead happier and healthier lives.