Padmate’s Pamu Slide Mini are the True Wireless earbuds you need to get through any workout

PaMu Slide Mini will get you through your workout in true wireless fashion.
Image: Padmate

*Disclaimer: The Burn-In received two samples of the PaMu Slide Mini for review. Per our policy, these samples were donated upon completion of review. However, this reviewer is happy to announce that having been so pleased with the product, an order was placed for personal use.*

The world is overrun with wireless Bluetooth headphones that fall into two categories: (1) way over-priced and (2) cheap knockoffs that aren’t worth the money nor frustration of end-users.

In the first category, you have a marketplace dominated by two companies: Apple and Samsung. Both produce high-end True wireless headphones that have become a badge of distinction for many. Apple’s Airpods and Airpods Pro are synonymous with style, and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ are the upstart child making headway into the market.

In the second category? A series of knockoffs that are too many and too frustrating to catalog. Everything from buds claiming to be True Wireless but which never actually pair together. Or, once they are paired they simply decide to unpair, drop out, and re-pair all on their own.

Users end up with a feeling of vertigo as sound comes in at random times and from all directions. Frustrating, to say the least.

PaMu Slide Mini

Enter into this market place the Pamu Slide Mini True Wireless earphones. These earbuds are a budget-friendly alternative to the aforementioned in category 1 above. They utilize Bluetooth 5.0 for a secure connection and the True Wireless(?)…this reviewer never had a single moment of sound dropping out or buds unpairing on their own.

PaMu Slide Mini box contents.
Image: Padmate

Straight out of the box you receive a good amount of variously sized ear tips. 3 pairs are for “regular use,” and another 3 pairs are for a “snug fit” if you are going to be more active in your use of the earbuds.

Another great thing about the straight out of the box feel is how the buds automatically pair to your phone. This is a great feature that is reminiscent of Apple’s Airpods and makes the experience of using the PaMu Slide Mini all the more worth it.

The box also contains a charging case so when you’re out on the go you can give them a quick boost of energy and keep your music going. The case is unobtrusive and nicely designed for the pocket or purse. In this way, the PaMu Slide Mini definitely aligns itself as that wallet-friendly alternative to Apple’s pods and Samsung’s buds.

But what about the sound?

The Test

We tested our review copy in a very specific manner. The sweat-resistant (IPX6 water resistance rating) claims made on the company’s website specifically interested us. Perhaps these earbuds are the ideal ones everyone looks for to workout with.

So, what did we do? We tested it with CrossFit workouts. Our real-world application was not so much gaming, zooming, or conference calling. Nope. Our real-world application was getting into the Box, going through some classic benchmark workouts (“Fran,” CrossFit Total, and a variation of “Run, Row, Repeat” style wod…and don’t worry, we totally kept our social distance the entire time).

So, how did they function? Well, the snug-fit earbud tips made for a great and secure feeling fit. The connection was solid throughout one of the largest Boxes in Southern California. Now, to be clear, there were no other people in the Box at the time, so there was little to no interference with the earbuds except for a rig and a good number of AirDynes (but really, nobody ever uses those things to begin with).

The new iPhone SE (2020) was used during the test. The buds were connected and the phone was left in the back of the Box (about 30-40 feet away). This reviewer was now left to sweat through Fran, wondering all the time why those butterfly pull-ups don’t look like Rich Froning’s.

So, what was the result? Well, apart from the fact that there can be only one Froning, the sound on these earbuds is simply amazing. There was never a single drop out or stutter in sound quality, and the connection remained stable throughout the entire workout.

The fit? Snug with no sweat dropping in between the bud and the ear canal (for those who workout, you know what we mean here).

So, Will we be Buying?

Well, if readers saw the disclaimer above, they already know the answer to that question. At a budget-friendly price that doesn’t make you consider your life decisions, plus sound quality that really hasn’t been seen outside of Apple’s Pods, and a true wireless and pairing experience that has been unparalleled thus far…it really is a simple choice.

Now, to be clear. This reviewer had a very specific usage in mind for these earbuds. We tested fit, sweat resistance, connection, and sound quality…of music. Yes, there was a call that came in during the workout and it was answered with the simple touch of an earbud. The earbuds picked up the call as the music paused. Once the call finished, the music resumed without skipping a beat. Easy peasy.

From the perspective of CrossFit and being functional during a workout, can anything more be asked? If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that will safely get you through the gym or the Box without having to stop for selfies with an influencer, these earbuds have you covered.

PaMu Slide Mini Defies Expectations (for our specific test)

If you’re looking for more in terms of gaming, zooming, or other applications, we do suggest you look at many of the other positive reviews on these earbuds out and around the net.

As for us, we’re more than satisfied and look forward to a fresh pair arriving in the mail soon.

For more on the PaMu Slide Mini, check them out on Facebook.


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