Padmate’s PaMu Quiet noise-canceling earbuds offer exceptional quality at an affordable price

Padmate’s PuMu Quiet noise-canceling earbuds offer exceptional quality at an affordable price.
Image: Padmate

Last year, Padmate introduced the world to a high quality and affordable True Wireless solution with its PaMu Slide Mini earbuds. The company is following up on that innovation with its PaMu Quiet, an active noise-canceling (ANC) personal audio solution. The new product delivers crystal-clear, immersive sound at home or on the go while blocking out the outside world’s distractions.

The PaMu Quiet also has the durability and battery life to help users get through a workout and an extra-long videoconference.

A Hybrid Noise-Canceling Solution

New remote workers may have discovered that their homes are not as peaceful as they thought in the last year. Whether it is noisy neighbors or nearby construction, it can be hard to concentrate in a living room turned makeshift office. This problem is especially pronounced during important video calls with coworkers or supervisors.

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Luckily, PaMu Quiet can make working and living in the “New Normal” a lot easier.

Padmate’s engineers developed a hybrid ANC system that providers a superior sonic experience. The firm’s platform utilizes active feedback and feedforward noise-cancellation to block low and middle frequency sounds. As a result, these $119 earbuds have a 40db ANC rating that blows away more expensive products.

The company achieved that level of quality by using Qualcomm’s QCC5124 system-on-a-chip (SoC) to power its offering. That enables it to receive rich, digitally-enhanced audio through a stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Also, its embedded Knowles microphones can precisely detect and block out ambient noise from different environments.

Designed for Long-Term Use

Right now, the market is flooded with noise-canceling products made from substandard materials and have poorly conceived designs. Manufacturers want to cash in on the recent increased popularity of wearable audio devices, a segment the International Data Corporation expects to grow by 14.1 percent annually through 2024. Because of that trend, shoppers can end up paying hundreds of dollars for earbuds that are uncomfortable and lack durability.

The PaMu Quiet stands out from the pack because Padmate made them easy to wear and strong enough for long-term use.

Padmate’s PuMu Quiet noise-canceling earbuds offer exceptional quality at an affordable price.
Image: Padmate

The earphones feature a 10mm driver encased in a PEN titanium composite diaphragm that has outstanding ductility. For those who did not major in engineering, that means they have enough tensile strength for regular use without falling apart. Their silicon tips have vents that open to equalize in-ear pressure, which eliminates the irritating stereoscope effect.

Each pair also comes with three different sized ergonomic ear tips to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Because of their 3.5-hour battery life, PaMu Quiet can get users through tedious video calls and post-meeting decompression jogs. Plus, they have an IPX4 water resistance rating, so they will remain functional during even the most intense workouts.

Robust Customization Features

Another issue with far too many contemporary consumer electronics is that they do not allow for customization. Several ANC earbuds can pair to a mobile device well enough, but they lack a multifaceted user interface. That can be a real drawback for consumers that like to have a say in how their possessions function.

Padmate addressed both of those issues by designing a companion mobile application for the PaMu Quiet.

The app, available on Google Play and Apple App Store, lets owners truly personalize their earbuds. The program empowers owners to set the product’s touch controls to their specifications. It also enables Transparency mode, a setting that makes ambient sound audible. When it is on, users can hear their favorite music and what is going on around them.

The PaMu Quiet app lets owners manage their Bluetooth connections and check battery life. In addition, it receives firmware updates that can make their earbuds more functional and multifaceted over time.

Affordable Does Not Have to Mean Low Quality

Padmate offers its PaMu Quiet earbuds at $119 with free shipping and it comes with a sleek, Qi-compatible charging case and USB-C cable. The company’s accessible lineup reflects its structure; it is a vertically integrated manufacturer that designs, builds, and tests its own products. Its operational agility lets it launch best-in-class electronics at mid-tier price points.

Padmate has also embraced new methods of getting its products to the people. The manufacturer launched multiple crowdfunding campaigns that have been backed by tens of thousands of consumers all over the world. Indiana Pacers power forward Domantas Sabonis likes its earbuds enough to become an official brand ambassador.

Tech reviewers have given the firm’s electronic devices a positive reception, including the PaMu Quiet.

YouTuber Tech4All described them as “The Best Airpods Pro Alternative You Haven’t Heard Of” while Gamesky called them “very impressive.” Similarly, Apple Insider said they rank “head and shoulders” over competing solutions and have “surprisingly effective active noise cancellation.” And iMore’s four-star review praised the product for its “great value and superior sound.”

The bottom line is, PaMu Quiet ANC earbuds are proof that electronics can be both high quality and affordable.


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