HotRock is a heated, high-tech foam roller that’s perfect for CrossFit enthusiasts

HotRock is the perfect recovery roller for athletes and CrossFit lovers.
Image: MedRock

Anyone that’s serious about their athletic performance, whether it’s for a competitive sport or something like CrossFit, knows that recovery is crucial. If you don’t let your body recover, your performance will quickly degrade. This leads to injuries, which keep you on the sidelines for even longer.

Over the years, many athletes have adopted foam rolling as one of the core pieces of their post-workout routine. Foam rolling has been shown to release tension in the muscles, reduce soreness, and improve range of motion, according to Harvard Medical School. Likewise, heat is known to relax muscles and reduce pain.

A new device called the HotRock combines both of those therapies to create the ultimate athletic recovery tool. It is the world’s only physical therapist approved foam roller that delivers intense heat to relieve sore muscles and boost athletic performance.

Heating Up

Those familiar with workout recovery gear might know that there are some foam rollers that can be put into the microwave to add heat. However, these rollers lose heat rather quickly and their temperature can’t be regulated to precise levels.

The HotRock is different. It plugs into a power source to deliver intense, customizable heat at exactly the temperature users want it. The roller was developed by physical therapist Dr. Tony Rocklin and is dubbed “the next evolution in foam-rolling.”

Indeed, the HotRock goes above and beyond what any other roller does to help athletes and everyday individuals recover quicker and live pain-free. The company’s Indiegogo page says that using the HotRock during a regular foam rolling routine “improves mobility, decreases pain and soreness, and assists in injury healing while speeding up recovery and relaxation.”

That’s a lot of benefits to enjoy from a single device. To ensure it delivers the most effective therapy possible, the HotRock heats up to 175 degrees (F). It does so within four minutes so you don’t need to worry about waiting for your equipment. Simply plug the HotRock in before your last set (or when you get up in the morning) and it will be ready to go soon after.

High-Tech Recovery

As noted, the HotRock isn’t just a foam roller that heats up. It is a high-tech device in every aspect. It has a number of helpful features that let you tailor each rolling session to your liking.

Perhaps the most useful one is its LCD control panel that resides on the end of the roller. This lets you quickly adjust the HotRock’s temperature and see how warm it is at any given time. It is also equipped with a timer and auto-shutoff capabilities in case you forget to turn it off.

Although the HotRock needs to be plugged into an outlet during each session, that isn’t a hindrance thanks to the roller’s nine-foot power cord. This lets you roll your sore muscles just about anywhere and enjoy the relaxing benefits of heat at the same time.

It goes without saying that the HotRock is a must-have device for athletes, CrossFit enthusiasts, and anyone else that puts a premium on their physical performance. However, it is also a great tool for those dealing with chronic pain or an injury.

In many ways, the HotRock perfectly demonstrates the positive impact tech can have when it is combined with equipment from other industries.


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